Airlines With Student Discounts

Internationally acclaimed airlines around the world are offering up a plethora of benefits and perks to students looking to make the leap to another country to study. Benefits are not minuscule and can include flight discounts, additional checked luggage, and complementary onboard Wi-Fi.

So long as you have an internationally recognised student card, or university acceptance letter then you can potentially be eligible to receive a discount.

Student Benefits Overview

Airline Global Programme Fare Discount Bookable Cabin Extra Luggage Other Perks
Air Canada No. Only for students going to Canada to study. Must have Canadian study visa to apply.
  • None Internationally
  • 50% discount is only applied on the base published fare when travelling in Canada
  • Economy
  • Premium Economy
  • Business
Depending on Country
1x additional checked bag of either 23Kg or 32Kg depending on travel class
  • No Change Fee
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
Cathay Pacific No. Student fares are available from and to select destinations in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the Chinese mainland. Depending on the departing country, students can receive up to 5% to 25% off a standard ticket.
  • Economy
  • Premium Economy
40Kg as standard or 1 extra bag if travelling to USA
  • Free seat selection
  • Student & Parent Discount
KLM Yes. Select Student instead of Adult under booking Screen Undisclosed discount, but heavier focus on extra luggage and flexibility
  • Economy
2x Checked bags of 23Kg Each
  • Somewhat flexible tickets

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