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The Executive Club

Information about British Airways frequent flyer program and the benifits of elite status.

Lounge Guide

What you need to know about British Airways lounges around the world.

More On BA

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BA Terminology

Interesting terms and policies you may not have known when flying with British Airways.

British Airways

IATA code: BA
Hub airport: London Heathrow
Alliance: Oneworld
Loyalty program: Executive Club/ Avios
Inflight magazine: Highlife

British Airways is a full service global airline which a rich history and outstanding reputation. The airline’s origins can be traced all the way back to the birth of civil aviation, but since then, air travel has changed dramatically and so has this airline. Commanding the largest fleet in the UK, British Airways was created in 1974 and is one of the world’s leading airlines. BA is a founding member of Oneworld Alliance and is proud to be partnered with similar leading airline companies, providing world-class service and convenience across over 150 countries.

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British Airways Fare Classes

The purchasing of a ticket these days is not a simple as one might think. Gone are the days of just booking a ticket in one of four seating groups: economy, premium economy, business and first class. With the advent of variable ticket pricing, understanding has become a little bit more complicated.

The Executive Club

The Executive Club is British Airways’ frequent flyer program. When you join the club you begin to collect Tier Points and Avios which you can use towards gaining elite status and claiming reward flights.

The Lounges

British Airways operates over 30 departure lounges around the world. Its main lounges are it's First and Business class Galeries and Terrace lounges; but BA also has select arrivals lounges and its flagship Concord Room – which can only be found in London Heathrow and New York JFK - in its line up as well.

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