Does Virgin Atlantic Have A Student Discounts Scheme?


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Virgin Atlantic is currently offering a student discounts scheme to both international and UK students to travel the world – or more specifically to where Virgin Atlantic fly to anyway.

There are two aspects to the program,

  1. A discount for international students travelling to the UK
  2. A discount for students in the UK to travel to the rest of the world

Students travelling from the UK

Travelling from the UK, the only way to get a discount is to have a StudentBeans membership.

Even then though the discounts aren’t too interesting:

  • £20 off Economy Light Classic and Delight
  • £40 off Premium
  • £60 off Upper Class

The way to book is to get a unique promo code from the StudentBeans website to apply to the booking on Virgin’s website.

The Sneaky Part

Here’s what you need to know

  1. London – Havana route is excluded from student discount.
  2. Discount cannot be used against taxes, fees and charges.
  3. Discount applies to Virgin Atlantic operated routes only.
  4. Discount is applicable for travel originating from the UK only.
  5. Any fare which is less than £20 (excluding taxes, charges and surcharges) will only be applicable to discount to the value of £1. Any fare which is priced at £1 is excluded from student discount.

    How can virgin do this? How can I get a ticket worth less than £20? – well most of it is just tax and surcharges. For example, on a LHR – JFK fare of £263.87, the discount would only be £4.
    Carrier imposed international surcharge (YQ) £90.00 – Not applicable to discount
    Taxes, fees and charges £169.87 – Not applicable to discount.

International Students Discount

This one is a little more targeted, unlike other airlines which offer them on their route map globally.

For example – here are the two for Hong Kong and India.

In both, the scheme is valid on tickets issued in Upper, Premium, Economy Classic and Delight for outbound Virgin Atlantic flights.

** Economy Delight is the new premium element of Virgin Atlantic’s Economy class (not to be confused with Premium Economy which is something totally different).

You get the standard benefits:

  • Additional luggage allowance
  • Complimentary date change
  • Free seat selection at any time
  • Unaccompanied Minor Service
  • Discounts for family members when booked together
  • Bulk Buying capabilities
  • Onboard Wi-Fi included

The Sneaky Part

One would assume that the increased baggage allowance (if you booked a return trip) would be for both legs, however, this is not the case. Buried into the Terms and conditions states:

  • This excess baggage offer shall be allowed only on the outbound journey and till first stopover point only
  • The student excess baggage allowance is only permitted on outbound Virgin Atlantic flights from India and Virgin Atlantic’s regular baggage allowance will apply on the return journey

Therefore if you travelled with Virgin Atlantic, to say, America, your luggage allowance wouldn’t carry over fully.

Main Terms To Know About Virgin Atlantic Student Discounts.

  1. Online booking isn’t available (which can work in your favour), to book you need to contact their customer support centre
  2. Students aged 35 or under are eligible. Supporting documentation such as Student ID card, ISIC Card, IYTC card, Acceptance letter by a UK school, college or institution or Student Visa/letter is required.
  3. For the parents, they will be asked to show the flight booking details and name of the student traveller, if the parent(s) travel separately with the student.
  4. Bundle tickets are only valid when at least one ticket is for a student. Student must be the SAME person.
  5. Ticket validity is only for 1 year
  6. Travel dates must be confirmed upon the ticket issuance. Open date return is not permitted.
  7. VS flights: Two check-in bags free of charge. Each bag must not exceed 23kg in Economy and Premium or 32kg in Upper Class. If you connect onward onto other carriers, please refer to the operating airlines baggage allowance.
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