EXPLAINED – Can a Y-UP fare save you money?

The phrase Y-UP is an industry term – used mainly by the North American airline industry - to denote an economy class ticket which is immediately upgraded to a first or business class ticket.

AccessRail: combine Train & Bus’ with a Plane Ticket

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GUIDE: Change Name on a Plane Ticket

Airline Ticket name changes and name corrections can be a chore on the best of days – not to mention that to change a name can sometimes be a painful experience. There...

EXPLAINED – British Airways 2-4-1 Companion Voucher

The BA 2-4-1 companion voucher, also known as just the Companion Voucher, is gained through the American Express British Airways reward credit card. It is one of the, if not the most, beneficial perks of the reward card with the potential for massive savings.

SeatSpy – Reward Flight Seat Finder Time Saver of A Tool

SeatSpy is an easy to use seat redemption finder for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Free to use but currently in Beta.

Upgrading BA flights Using AA Miles

It is surprising to see how integrated American and British Airways are when it comes to redeeming miles.

Explained – AA’s SystemWide Upgrade

American Airlines’ System Wide Upgrade is one of the most coveted benefits of the AAdvantage Program if you are part of the upper echelon to be able to collect them. It is a fascinating tool, which with minimal restrictions, can be used to place the bearer in the next-highest class of service.

Airline Upgrades Explained – British Airways’ Discretionary Upgrade Tool

As mentioned in a previous article on Operational Upgrades, gone are the days where customer service agents filter you in to one of two categories SFU or NSFU –...

Airline Upgrades Explained – Load Factor Based Upgrades

What is a Load Factor Based Upgrade? In simplistic terms, A Load Factor Based Upgrade (LFBU) also known as a Paid Upgrade or Day-of-Departure Upgrade...

Airline Upgrades Explained – Operational Upgrades

American vs European based Carriers When discussing this topic, it is important to understand how complementary upgrade works in the US and Europe (and...

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