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Dry Airlines: Which Carriers Do Not Serve Alcohol

They say getting from A to B is just part of the journey, that the other half is the experience in getting there – this is the mantra that many carriers hold, especially in...

Understanding American Airlines 500-mile Upgrades

One of the main perks of legacy frequent flier membership programs is their perpetual desire to encourage you to upgrade. In the case of American Airlines, you have the 500-mile upgrade vouchers, systemwide upgrade vouchers, Business Extra Upgrades, instant status upgrades, and let's not forget the proactive online upgrades with cash & mileage co-pay and last but not least the coveted complimentary upgrades in the wild. It seems there is no end to the possible upgrade routes for elite frequent fliers.

Ranking The Best 5 Long Haul Business Class Seat

With the introduction and greater availability of lie-flat seats over the past two decades, long-haul business class cabins have greatly improved. Competition to create the best long haul business class seats is fierce.

Oneworld Airlines with a Signature Cocktails

As you walk down the jet bridge and onto the plane, taking a left at the door as you board and drift into your seat, you're welcomed by an unexceptional choice of water, orange juice or champagne. While somewhat dull and dreary, some Oneworld airlines have stepped up and taken a lead towards creating innovate drinks that remain in the minds of travellers long after they have left the plane.

Brewed for High Altitudes Drinking, Airlines with Speciality Beers

While many airlines put a lot of effort into their food offers, some airlines have switched it around and have made speciality beers - doubling down on their beverage selection. Inflight offerings are usually...

EXPLAINED – British Airways Companion Voucher

The BA 2-4-1 companion voucher, also known as just the Companion Voucher, is gained through the American Express British Airways reward credit card. It is one of the, if not the most, beneficial perks of the reward card with the potential for massive savings.

Explained – AA’s SystemWide Upgrade

American Airlines’ System Wide Upgrade is one of the most coveted benefits of the AAdvantage Program if you are part of the upper echelon to be able to collect them. It is a fascinating tool, which with minimal restrictions, can be used to place the bearer in the next-highest class of service.

Airline Upgrades Explained – Operational Upgrades

American vs European based Carriers When discussing this topic, it is important to understand how complementary upgrade works in the US and Europe (and for the better part the rest of the world). It’s common in the...

Quick Overview of American Airlines Basic Economy

Mainly for the benefit of our European readers, or for those who are not aware, Basic economy, also called light or saver economy is the buzzword out of the big three North American airlines...

Skyscanner Tips on Getting the Cheapest Deal

Skyscanner is a popular travel fare aggregator website, not to dissimilar to Google Flights or Kayak, which is easy to use and will help you score cheap flight tickets you want. While Skyscanner’s interface is...

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