Understanding Cathay Pacific’s 24-Hour Cancellation Policy


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When it comes to airline cancellation policies, Cathay Pacific’s offering is one of the more straightforward ones in the industry as outlined in their 24-hour Free Cancellation Policy. But even the most straightforward policies have their nuances. Here, we’ll break down everything you need to know, but if you want to read it properly, you can review their official Terms and Conditions.

this is of course in addition to Cathay’s ticket name changes and corrections policy.

The Fundamentals of 24-Hour Free Cancellation

Cathay Pacific doesn’t make you jump through endless hoops; they offer a clean, clear cancellation policy. But it’s essential to know what falls within its umbrella and what doesn’t.


  • Members Only: Must be a Cathay member. Only Cathay members who have added their membership number or signed up for the membership during the booking process are eligible for the perk.
  • Direct: Booking must be made on Cathay’s website or app.
  • Unused Tickets Only: No reissued, split, or rebooked tickets are allowed.
  • Booking made more than eight days before departure
  • Payments are made in either cash, miles or Cash+Miles.
  • Refund via “Manage Booking” within 24 hours


  • No Last-Minute Escapes: Not applicable for flights departing within eight days (192 hours).
  • Unused Tickets Only: No reissued, split, or rebooked tickets are allowed.
  • It is not applicable to “Hold your fare” tickets.
  • It is not applicable to hotel bookings, package booking, group booking, Asia Miles Flight Awards booking, MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions) bookings, land and sea transport (codeshare services). 

Timing Is Key

Let’s reiterate; timing isn’t just a minor detail. Cathay highlights your 24-hour window on both the payment page and the confirmation email. So, keep an eye out and set those alarms if you must.

A Quick Heads-Up for U.S. and Taiwan Bookings

You can find more about the below on Cathay’s Website

For U.S. Travelers:

Despite what you might read in the terms if you book through Cathay’s U.S. website within seven days of departure, U.S. regulations have your back. You can still cancel within 24 hours after booking and receive a full refund via “Manage Booking.”

For Taiwan Travelers:

Worth noting, Taiwan’s seven-day refund policy under the Consumer Protection Act doesn’t extend to international airline bookings like Cathay. For ticket modifications or cancellations, stick to Cathay’s regular terms.

Claiming Your Refund

Triggering a refund isn’t rocket science. Simply head to “Manage Booking” on Cathay’s platform and navigate to “Rebook and Refund.” Avoid Customer Care and live chat for this one, as they’re explicitly ruled out for this benefit.

The Refund Clock

  • Credit Cards and PayPal: 7 working days
  • Other Methods: 20 calendar days
  • Miles Plus Cash: 7 working days for miles to bounce back to your account

Wrapping It Up

Understanding Cathay Pacific’s 24-hour cancellation policy is an essential part of modern travel. Whether you’re a serial planner or a last-minute booker, familiarize yourself with these terms to avoid any in-flight turbulence on the financial front. Happy travels!

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