EXPLAINED: AA AAdvantage Executive Platinum

AAdvantage Executive Platinum is one of four tiers that make up American Airlines frequent flyer membership program. Executive Platinum is the highest elite status tier that can be achieved and is earned after Platinum Pro.

What’s American Airlines Irregular Operations Policy?

American Airlines Irregular Operations (also known as Schedule Irregularities or...

AA Rules on a Ticket Name Changes & Corrections

Ticket name changes and corrections on American Airlines isn’t easy as there are some restrictions to what can be done, but, in most cases, it can be...

American Airlines: Economy Class’ Explained

American Airlines is proud of diversification, splitting everything into component parts as much as possible and selling at a price point. Not only has it done this with its...

American Basic Economy Restrictions & Rules

Basic Economy Restrictions From the three words Basic Economy Restrictions, the keyword you should look out for is “restrictions”. As in, you are buying the same hard...

Guide: American Airlines Flagship Lounges

Flagship Lounge is American Airlines’ most premium lounge tier, offered only in select cities. In contrast to the Admirals Club, access to the Flagship Lounges can only be gained through status.

Guide: American Airlines Admirals Club Lounges

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The Lounge Guide: American Airlines Lounges

American Airlines lounges provide complimentary amenities and services to make your travel more productive and relaxing. Services include snacks, drinks and hot food to business centre functions, gyms and shower suites.

Upgrading BA flights Using AA Miles

It is surprising to see how integrated American and British Airways are when it comes to redeeming miles.

Explained – AA’s SystemWide Upgrade

American Airlines’ System Wide Upgrade is one of the most coveted benefits of the AAdvantage Program if you are part of the upper echelon to be able to collect them. It is a fascinating tool, which with minimal restrictions, can be used to place the bearer in the next-highest class of service.

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