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Singapore Airlines, the flag carrier of Singapore, is offering verified students flexibility and discounted tickets to get them to and from their university abroad.

Student Privileges, as Singapore Airlines calls it, is actually a great trade-off, cheaper flights for the person flying and the airline gets to build brand loyalty at an earlier stage in a person life.

Not surprisingly many airlines are offering student discounts as a viable long-term approach to set their brands into impressionable minds. The program is not too dissimilar to Qatar Airways Student Club or KLM’s student program.

Students attending college or university in countries including Australia, Germany, India, Singapore, Spain, the U.K., and the United States are eligible to join the program. There are a number of other countries on this list.

What is included?

Singapore Airlines’ student-centric program mainly offers three main benefits:

  • Firstly, you will get 10% savings on Lite, Value or Standard fares on Economy or Premium Economy Class. You can book for a maximum stay of 12 months.
  • Secondly, get 40kg of checked baggage, or 3 pieces of baggage for flights to and from the United States.
  • Thirdly, get a fee waiver on your first booking change, regardless of your fare type.  This could be a date, destination or cabin class change.  (Note that this only covers the waiver of the change fee penalty.  Any fare difference resulting from this change remains chargeable)

As you can see, the benefits are useful especially the ability to change your ticket if you aren’t sure of exam dates or with the uncertainties of Covid

Sign Up Process

The airline uses a more structured approach to verifying student status. To book, you simply need to be verified with Krysflyer (the airline’s loyalty program) and you will be taken to a dedicated booking portal with the fares.

To join Krysflyer as a student

New users can use the link provided which is specific to signing up as a student

If you hold an existing Krysflyer account, you can use this link to link your student status

Required Documents

You can provide up to three school-issued documents that clearly show the following details:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Name of your educational institution
  • A date that shows you are enrolled for the current term, or an issue date that’s no older than 3 months.

Examples of some acceptable documents include student ID card, offer letter, enrolment letter, tuition receipt, or transcript. Do redact any sensitive information on the documents before uploading them.

Online Verification

Singapore Airlines student privileges verification is done via a third party – SheerID – and therefore to be able to pass the signup process the university needs to be already in the system

Online verification is only available for tertiary institutions, i.e. post-secondary colleges, universities in certain countries To access the full list of countries, click the following link. Non-tertiary institutions such as secondary schools and boarding schools will not be verifiable through our online portal. you can still purchase student fares via a local Singapore Airlines office if you have the necessary documentary proof of your student status.

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