Does Qantas Offer Student Discounts?


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Despite Qantas saying that it does not offer student discounts, it does in fact from time to time – well if you depart from India, Indonesia or the Philippines anyway.

The programs are clearly geared to bring students looking to study into either Australia or New Zealand.

While this is nothing new, other airlines also have set out student programs of different complexities which may too be of consideration.

What’s On Offer

For Qantas, the student discounts aren’t actually that great – I even contemplated if I should even write an article, but in the end I decided to write one just to give a bit of insight into a program that many might overlook. Ultimately though something is better than nothing and I would definitely shop around to see if anything is comparable.

First off, the promotion is only valid on one-way tickets, so those looking to book a round trip will be out of luck.

Secondly, on an eligible one-way economy ticket, Qantas are happy to offer an additional 5kg baggage allowance (Total baggage allowance 45kg) – this is a significantly weak offering as their competitors in the space are offering a whole additional bag – Both Emirates and Etihad, for instance, run a global program on all their flights for students offering a ticket discount, an additional checked bag as well as discounts extended to friends and family when they fly with you.

However, this isn’t too surprising, looking at the finer T&C’s you see that you have to take a connecting code-share flight with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong or Singapore first.

Main Terms

The program is applicable if

  • A student Visa must be presented at time of booking
  • Prices exclude taxes, fees and carrier charges are based on payment at The following charges and taxes are payable in addition to the prices shown: destination specific taxes
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