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The Question at the heart of this article here is IF Singapore Airlines offers any form of STPC for its passengers. Flyertalk seems to have mixed views on this – some have never heard of SQ offering STPC; some have been told that it is not a service offered; Some have been told it is offered only in certain markets, and some have even got it.

An STPC (or Stopover Paid by Carrier) is in effect a pre-arranged transit accommodation, usually in the form of a hotel, paid by an airline to encourage the use of a bad connection on their services. Its nothing new and countless airlines from Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Oman Air, Gulf Air and Asiana Airlines to name a few do offer this service.

Historically, even SQ offered an STPC program to the masses – back in 2017, it offered an STPC program in the summer period to Australians heading west – if you flew business you even got a choice of 20 4-star hotels to choose from.

So let’s clarify the situation, Singapore Airlines does in fact offer complimentary stopovers however it is extremely restrictive and only applicable in certain circumstances. The confusion lies in how it is offered – unlike other airlines, you cannot voluntarily elect into the Singapore Airlines STPC program.

Singapore Airlines STPC Rules

The rule is that STPC is only applicable ONLY applicable if you

  • You are booked on SQ ticket stock 618 (ticket starts with 618- xxxxx); and
  • You are on an international long-haul flight travelling through Singapore Changi; where
  • You are involuntarily affected by a change in circumstances by the airline; which
  • Has resulted in you remaining in the airport for more than 6 hours; and
  • An overnight stay is completely unavoidable.

Through the forums, you can see that people have got STPC from SQ as a result of involuntary changes. In fact, there is more concrete information from SQ Trade (the arm of the company that engage with travel agents) in which they state in an update for their schedule change policy that

“For ticketed bookings, where schedule changes necessitate an overnight stay in transit (SIN only), please contact our Reservations Team who will assist with STPC Bookings.”

As such, Singapore Airlines does in fact offer an STPC program.

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