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Singapore Airlines has once again adjusted its mySQupgrade program, and this time, it’s not good news for travellers holding KrisFlyer award tickets and specific Economy fares. According to Mainly Miles which first published the article, the latest move follows a series of changes that began in March 2022, which also saw the removal of First/Suites upgrades.

The Latest Cuts and Remaining Options

Effective October 7, 2023, Singapore Airlines has made a significant change to its mySQupgrade program. The airline has axed the upgrade options for:

  • KrisFlyer Redemption Award Tickets (Promo, Saver or Advantage)
  • Economy Lite (V, K) and Economy Value (Q, N) Fares

While these fare types are now off the table, Premium Economy and Business Class fare types, along with Economy Standard (M, H, W) and Economy Flexi (Y, B, E) tickets, continue to be eligible for mySQupgrade. This move narrows the program’s scope and aligns it more closely with KrisFlyer’s own upgrade policies, which also exclude these fare types.

A Series of Changes

The October 2023 changes are not isolated. Singapore Airlines has been tweaking the mySQupgrade program since March 2022. Initially, the program shifted from a bidding model to fixed prices. This change offered travellers a more predictable upgrade path, eliminating the guesswork involved in the bidding.

Another significant change was the removal of the option to upgrade to First/Suites. This was a blow to those who aimed for the pinnacle of luxury in air travel. These changes collectively indicate a trend toward narrowing the program’s scope and limiting the options available to travellers.

The Impact on Frequent Flyers and Casual Travelers

These changes have a ripple effect that extends beyond just the frequent flyers and points enthusiasts. Casual travellers who occasionally splurge on upgrades will also find their options limited. The exclusion of award tickets and specific Economy fares from mySQupgrade means that travellers will have to think twice about the kind of tickets they purchase if they intend to upgrade later.

Why Singapore Airlines Might Be Making These Changes

While the airline hasn’t explicitly stated why these changes are happening, it’s reasonable to speculate that they aim to streamline the upgrade process and perhaps increase revenue from it. By focusing on fare types that are already somewhat premium, the airline might be targeting a customer segment more willing to pay for upgrades, thereby potentially increasing the uptake of these offers.

The Bottom Line

The latest changes to be adjusted in Singapore Airlines’ mySQupgrade program are a mixed bag. On the one hand, they simplify the program and align it more closely with KrisFlyer’s own upgrade policies. On the other hand, they limit the options available to travellers, particularly those who rely on award tickets or cheaper Economy fares for their journeys.

Frequent flyers and savvy travellers will need to recalibrate their strategies for seat upgrades on Singapore Airlines. The path to a more comfortable and luxurious flight experience has just become a bit more complicated, and it’s essential to stay updated on these changes to make the most of your travel experience.

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