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Traveling due to the loss of a loved one is an unfortunate necessity many of us will face at one point or another. Recognizing the urgent and unexpected nature of such journeys, several airlines, including Alaska Airlines, offer a specific policy known as Bereavement Fares.

Understanding Bereavement Fares

Alaska Airlines provides a Bereavement Fare policy, offering a 10% discount off the lowest available fare for those dealing with the passing of an immediate family member. The offer applies when travel is required within seven days following the ticket purchase, with the discount only applicable when bought directly by phone through Alaska Airlines’ reservation or customer service.

The bereavement discount is valid on flights operated by Alaska Airlines or those run on behalf of Alaska by Horizon or SkyWest. Passengers aged 18 and above can access this service, provided they are members of the Mileage Plan, with the relevant number added to their reservation. If you’re not a Mileage Plan member, you can easily join for free here.

However, the Bereavement Fare discount cannot be combined with other promotional discounts, such as Money & Miles, companion fares, government fares, or military fares. All rules and fees associated with the fare remain applicable, including Saver fare restrictions.

Furthermore, and importantly, this fare cannot be applied retrospectively; that is, if you have already begun your travel, you will not be eligible for a bereavement fare.

Who Qualifies as Immediate Family?

For the purpose of the Bereavement Fare, Alaska Airlines considers the following as immediate family members:

  • A spouse or domestic partner
  • A child or stepchild
  • A parent, including stepmother or stepfather
  • Siblings, including half or step siblings
  • Grandparents, step grandparents, or great grandparents
  • A grandchild, including step grandchild or great grandchild
  • An aunt or uncle
  • A niece or nephew
  • In-laws, including mother, father, daughter, son, brother, or sister-in-law

The reduced rate does not extend to cousins or other in-law relatives.

Bereavement Fares: Not Just Alaska Airlines

Bereavement fares aren’t exclusive to Alaska Airlines. Several other North American airlines, including Delta, Air Canada, Hawaiian, and WestJet, offer similar programs. Further afield, European carrier Lufthansa also offers a bereavement fare policy.

To find out more about Alaska Airlines’ bereavement fares and eligibility, visit their website or contact their customer service at 1-800-252-7522 (For hearing and speech impaired (TTY): Dial 711 for relay services, Accessible services: 1-800-503-0101).

In times of personal loss, the logistical and financial challenges of last-minute travel can add to the stress. The Bereavement Fare policy by airlines like Alaska Airlines and others can offer a small but significant support during these tough times.

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