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Air Canada has a programme to status freeze your Aeroplan Elite status for a year while you are on parental leave.

The program was launched back in 2016, although it is not alone in offering such a perk, nor were they the first … well they were first in North America if that is anything to go by.

while multiple carriers have launched similar programmes around the same time. Regional competitors like Hawaiian, Delta and Alaska Airlines all have their respective programmes. Additionally, Star Alliance partner Air New Zealand also has a similar programme along with many other airlines.

If your travel plans are on hiatus during your parental leave, and you fully embrace your newly static existence, the policy offers to place your Aeroplan Elite status on hold for a year, granting an extension until you can fly again.

It’s surprisingly had to find any information on the programme since they rebranded Altitude to Aeroplan.

The programme shouldn’t be of any major surprise as the carrier has been known to roll out family-centric programmes driven for families (even if they have a monopoly on their home market).

That said, Air Canada’s website implies and suggests the process is fairly simple, and posts on Flyertalk seem to concur.

Applying for Air Canada Aeroplan Elite Status Extension

In order to qualify for an Air Canada Aeroplan Elite Status Extensionan Elite Status Extension, eligible members will need to provide documentation proving their maternity or paternity leave, along with certification of childbirth, adoption or fostering.

It should be noted that the parental status extension does not apply if your card is obtained complimentarily (including being gifted or matched) or as part of the “Aeroplan Elite Status for a friend” Select Benefit are not eligible for Elite Status Extension.

To request your extension, please send an email to [email protected] and include a copy of:

  • proof of parental leave from your employer; as well as
  •  a copy of the certificate of childbirth, adoption or fostering.

Unlike many other carriers which offer similar programmes, Air Canada seems to omit how many times this programme can be taken up, and how long one has to notify the carrier to make use of the programme.

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