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In an impressive move towards enhancing passenger experience, Air Canada is gearing up to integrate popular streaming services, including Netflix, Disney, and Apple TV+, into its complimentary WiFi service. The integration of these platforms with Air Canada’s onboard WiFi is an ambitious step that promises to redefine the in-flight entertainment experience, offering passengers a wide array of viewing options during their journey.

Transition to Free WiFi

As of now, the Star Alliance member charges passengers CAD$6.50 per hour or CAD$21 for a flight pass. They also offer a monthly pass at CAD$70 covering Air Canada flights between airports in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

However, starting July 15, 2023, the airline is all set to scrap these charges and provide WiFi service completely free of charge to its passengers. Simultaneously, key partners like United MileagePlus, Lufthansa Miles & More, and Emirates Skywards, will also be able to make use of Air Canada’s onboard system.

Air Canada’s vision for WiFi connectivity goes beyond just providing it for free. Its ambitious roadmap includes a ‘future state’ where WiFi is not only complimentary but also “fast, free, and ubiquitous” across the entire Air Canada group network.

Identifying WiFi-Enabled Flights

To enable passengers to spot WiFi-enabled flights effortlessly, Air Canada will now display a WiFi logo in the search results for paid flights. This clear indication will allow passengers to know about the availability of the enhanced in-flight entertainment service well in advance of their travel.

The Industry Trend Towards Free WiFi

Air Canada’s decision to offer free WiFi aligns with an industry-wide shift towards this model. Significantly, this announcement comes hot on the heels of Singapore Airlines‘ decision to roll out free, unlimited WiFi across all classes of travel starting July 1, 2023.

With these bold steps, Air Canada is setting new standards for in-flight experiences and demonstrating its dedication to customer satisfaction.

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