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In an era where air travel is becoming increasingly competitive and cost-driven, complimentary chauffeur services have become a luxurious touch, setting certain airlines apart from the rest. For premium passengers, the convenience and luxury of being driven to and from the airport in a high-end vehicle add an extra layer of exclusivity to their travel experience. This article provides a comprehensive list of airlines with chauffeur services, including those that offer gate-to-gate transfers and those that have discontinued their services. Be sure to follow the provided links to our detailed articles for more in-depth information on each airline’s service.

Airlines that offer free chauffeur service

Air China

Air China service, known as the “Air China Chauffeured Service,” is available to First and Business Class passengers travelling on international flights.

To learn more about the specific details, eligibility, and booking process, you can refer to our comprehensive guide here.

Air France

Notable Restrictions: First Class Only

Air France is known for providing an exquisite chauffeur service for its La Première first-class passengers. Available only in select cities, the service can be booked up to 48 hours before departure where available. For more information about Air France’s La Première service, check out our in-depth article.


Emirates chauffeur service is available in over 75 cities worldwide. Passengers can take advantage of this service to and from the airport, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

The service is available for eligible passengers and can be booked up to 12 hours before departure. To learn more about Emirates’ Chauffeur-Drive service, read our full article here.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways offers complimentary chauffeur services to eligible first and business-class passengers flying into and out of Abu Dhabi.

The service is available in select cities and can be booked up to 24 hours before departure. Discover more about Etihad’s Chauffeur service, including eligibility and booking information, in our comprehensive article.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines takes pride in its Exclusive Drive service, a unique chauffeur service available to its business class passengers flying international routes.

Exclusive Drive is available in select cities and can be booked up to 24 hours before departure. Find out more about Turkish Airlines’ Exclusive Drive service in our detailed article.

SriLankan Airlines

Notable Restrictions: Only available between LHR and CMB

SriLankan Airlines extends complimentary luxury chauffeur services to its business class passengers travelling to and from London Heathrow and Colombo.

SriLankan Airlines’ chauffeur service features a range of vehicles that can be booked up to 48 hours before departure. To learn more about SriLankan Airlines’ chauffeur service, read our full article.

Airlines that offer free chauffeur service between gates

While above showed which carriers are happy to transfer you from your home / hotel to the airport, the below carriers are a little more reserved, offering the service within the confines of the airport terminal.

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Air Canada

Air Canada introduced a Porsche chauffeur service for its passengers as part of the reopening of the Signature Suite in Toronto (ditching BMW to the curb). The service is available for select passengers travelling in their signature collection, providing a comfortable and convenient airport transfer experience. You can learn about the service in this article.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines offers a special gate-to-gate airport transfer service for its Delta One and 360 Diamond Medallion members. This service is particularly useful when passengers have tight connections between flights. Delta’s chauffeur service features luxury Porsche vehicles to transport passengers between gates, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free transfer experience.


Lufthansa offers an airport transfer service for its first class and HON Circle passengers, providing a comfortable and convenient travel experience. The airline’s exclusive service includes chauffeur-driven luxury vehicles, such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, to transport passengers between gates or terminals within select airports, ensuring seamless connections.

However, for the UAE market, Lufthansa provides a chauffeur service for first-class passengers travelling to and from the UAE.

United Airlines

As reported by TPG United Airlines is reportedly rolling out a unique Jaguar gate-to-gate transfer service for its premium passengers. This service aims to provide a comfortable and convenient travel experience for those with tight connections or requiring assistance between gates. The luxury Jaguar vehicles used in this service ensure a smooth and stylish ride for passengers.


SWISS offers a chauffeur service for its first-class passengers as part of its “SWISS First Welcome Service.” This exclusive service is designed to provide a seamless and comfortable travel experience for premium passengers. The chauffeur service is available for passengers travelling between gates or terminals within select airports. For more information about SWISS’s First Welcome Service, visit their official website.

Airlines that no longer offer chauffeur service

Air China

Air China previously offered a chauffeur service for its passengers, providing an added layer of luxury and convenience. However, the airline discontinued this service on October 31, 2019, possibly to reduce costs and streamline its service offerings.

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines once provided a limousine service for its premium passengers, adding to the overall travel experience. Unfortunately, the airline decided to terminate the service on December 31, 2018. This discontinuation may have been part of Hainan Airlines’ broader strategy to optimize its resources and focus on other aspects of the customer journey.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways introduced a “Global Chauffeur Service” in 2017, aiming to elevate their premium passengers’ experience further. However, it appears that the airline has quietly retracted the service, as it is no longer mentioned on their website. The reasons behind this discontinuation are unclear, but it might be due to a change in Qatar Airways’ strategic priorities. All that remains is a press release from the time of its launch.

British Airways

British Airways once offered a chauffeur-drive service in Sydney, providing passengers with a seamless travel experience from the airport to their final destination. So long as they were flying on BA 15 and 16 to London that is. The service was only available on this one route and has since been discontinued as far as I can tell. The reasons for the discontinuation might be related to cost-cutting measures or focusing on other areas of the customer experience. To learn more about the now-defunct BA chauffeur service, you can read this Executive Traveller article and this FlyerTalk forum post.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic used to offer a complimentary chauffeur service to its premium passengers but has since discontinued the free offering. Now, they provide a paid chauffeur service, available to all customers flying with Virgin Atlantic, regardless of their fare class. This service offers comfort and luxury to those willing to pay for it, ensuring a seamless transfer to and from the airport.

Air India

Information about Air India’s chauffeur service is limited, but anecdotal evidence suggests that it once existed. The discontinuation of this service might be a result of cost-cutting measures, a shift in priorities, or a desire to allocate resources to other areas of the travel experience. You can read this FlyerTalk forum post for more information.


Qantas used to have a service called “Chauffeur Drive,” which was available for its premium passengers travelling the “Kangaroo Route”. However, this service is no longer bookable and officially ended on April 30, 2021. The discontinuation may have been part of Qantas’ strategy to streamline its offerings and focus on other areas of customer experience.


In conclusion, chauffeur services were once a hallmark of luxury travel, offering a seamless and convenient experience for premium passengers. However, as the aviation industry evolves and cost-saving measures become more crucial, fewer airlines are offering this perk. Many airlines have shifted their focus to enhance other aspects of customer experience or provide alternative services to attract and retain loyal passengers. While some airlines still provide chauffeur services, it is important for travellers to research and stay updated on the changing landscape of airline amenities. As the industry continues to adapt, passengers can expect more innovations and changes to come. For now, though, those who value and seek the luxury of chauffeur services should make the most of the remaining options while they still can.

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