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SriLankan Airlines Chauffeur Service offers an exclusive ground transportation experience for its premium passengers travelling through London Heathrow. This article delves into the details of this luxury service, including its features, eligibility, booking process, and how it compares to other airline chauffeur services.

What is SriLankan Airlines Chauffeur Service?

SriLankan Airlines Chauffeur Service provides a luxury ground transportation experience for eligible passengers travelling through London Heathrow. The service is available for both arrivals and departures at the airport, ensuring a seamless and comfortable journey for passengers. A fleet of luxury vehicles, such as sedans and limousines, is used for the service, operated by Addison Lee. Personal assistance is also provided, ensuring passengers have a hassle-free experience.

Who Can Book SriLankan Airlines Chauffeur Service at London Heathrow?

The Chauffeur Service is available to SriLankan Airlines’ Business Class passengers travelling to or from London Heathrow. However, there are some limitations:

  • The service is applicable only for SriLankan Airlines issued tickets.
  • It is not available for selected discounted Business Class promotional fares.
  • Involuntary upgrades or upgrades made on a space-available basis are not eligible for the service.

How to Book the Chauffeur Service at London Heathrow

To book the SriLankan Airlines Chauffeur Service at London Heathrow, passengers should follow these steps:

  1. Book a Business Class ticket with SriLankan Airlines for a flight to or from London Heathrow.
  2. Contact SriLankan Airlines’ reservation team through their ticket offices or their Global Call Centre on the numbers provided below:
    • From UK: 0330 808 0800
    • Global Contact Centre (From outside Sri Lanka): +94 11777 1979
    • Within Sri Lanka: 1979
  3. Provide your flight details, pick-up/drop-off location.
  4. Receive a confirmation of your booking, along with the chauffeur’s contact information.

It is recommended to book the service at least 48 hours before your flight to ensure availability.

Service Coverage and Requirements at London Heathrow

The SriLankan Airlines Chauffeur Service at London Heathrow covers a radius of 30 miles around the airport. Additional fees may apply for journeys beyond this radius. Passengers should also be aware of any specific requirements or restrictions related to their booking, such as deadlines for making changes or cancellations.

Comparison with Other Airline Chauffeur Services

SriLankan Airlines’ Chauffeur Service at London Heathrow offers a comparable experience to other airline chauffeurs services, such as Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Air China, and Air France. Most of these services cater to premium passengers and offer a range of luxury vehicles, personal assistance, and convenient booking processes.

When comparing SriLankan Airlines’ Chauffeur Service with other airlines’ offerings in London, it’s essential to consider the specific services and benefits each airline provides to its premium passengers. Let’s focus on Emirates as an example since they directly compete in the London market.

Emirates offers its Chauffeur-drive service to both Business and First Class passengers in London, covering a 70-mile radius from Heathrow, Gatwick, and London Stansted airports. SriLankan Airlines, on the other hand, only provides its Chauffeur Services for eligible Business Class passengers at London Heathrow, covering a 30-mile radius. The larger coverage area of Emirates’ service is an advantage for passengers travelling farther from the airports.

Another difference between the two services is the ground transportation provider. SriLankan Airlines partners with Addison Lee, a well-known and reputable private car service in the UK. In contrast, Emirates has its own fleet of luxury cars, ensuring a consistent experience across its global chauffeur service.

While both airlines offer seamless booking processes, Emirates allows online booking for its Chauffeur-drive service through the “Manage your booking” section on their website, whereas SriLankan Airlines passengers must call the airline’s Global Call Centre or UK contact number to book their chauffeur service.

In conclusion, SriLankan Airlines Chauffeur Service at London Heathrow provides a luxurious and comfortable ground transportation experience for eligible Business Class passengers. With its seamless booking process, coverage within a 30-mile radius, and collaboration with Addison Lee, the service ensures passengers enjoy a premium experience both in the air and on the ground.

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