Oman Air

The Business Class Pyjama Game: Who’s In, Who’s Out

When it comes to flying in style, the availability of pyjamas in business class can be a game-changer. But not all airlines are generous enough to offer this luxury. Let's dive into the details and separate the generous from...

Oman Air Set To Join OneWorld Alliance

ContentsWho Are Oman AirSinbad Loyalty ProgrammeOman Air SeatsOman Air Business ClassOman Air First ClassWhat This Mean For OneWorld MembersOneWorld Cements Itself As A Major Player In Middle East And North Africa Oman Air is set to join the global OneWorld...

Best First Class Seats and Why

In this Top 10 best review, I put my spin on the overdone ‘Best international first class seats’ out there. while it wont reach the tops of Google Ranking's just yet - its a springboard to improve. Unfortunately, first class...

Dry Airlines: Which Carriers Do Not Serve Alcohol

They say getting from A to B is just part of the journey, that the other half is the experience in getting there – this is the mantra that many carriers hold, especially in their premium cabins. In this...

EXPLAINED: WY Oman Air Sindbad Silver Status

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EXPLAINED: WY Oman Air Sindbad Gold Status

Sindbad Gold is one of three tiers that make up Oman Air frequent flyer membership program. Gold is the highest elite status tier that can be achieved and is earned after Silver.

A Guide to Oman Air Transit Accommodation

Oman air runs a transit package for those passengers with long transit times – commonly known as a Stopover Paid by Carrier or STPC. While the rules vary by airline, and the rules are space for Oman Air, the general rule ist that is that there must be a transit time of 8 hours or longer - but no more than 24 hours.

How to get a Free Oman Air Stopover in Muscat

With middle eastern airlines increasingly being used as a global transit hub, they are definitely making an effort to have you actually visit, rather than just connect. It’s, therefore, no surprise that Oman Air has developed a campaign to encourage stopover visitors to visit Muscat. Oman Air offers passengers travelling through Muscat to stay for up to three nights, with the airline picking up the tab for one night if at least two nights are booked. As one of the lesser-known airlines in the middle east, it has much more of a boutique feel than their Gulf rivals and is worth a consider.