Best First Class Seats and Why

What are the best unobtainable seats the airline industry can offer




In this Top 10 best review, I put my spin on the overdone ‘Best international first class seats’ out there. while it wont reach the tops of Google Ranking’s just yet – its a springboard to improve.

Unfortunately, first class is a slowly dying breed since more and more airlines are dropping their most luxurious cabin in favour of an improved and competitive business class.

These days, first class is only offered on selected routes with heavy business traffic and enough people willing to pay for the privilege.

Of course, these commercial airlines bring the utmost comfort and relaxation to international travel but what sets them apart.



In One Line:
Emirates is known for doing things to the extremes, to the point you are left in awe at the experience.

With virtual reality, zero-gravity seats, and fabrics inspired by Mercedes-Benz interiors, Emirates’ new first class suites are completely over-the-top and practically the benchmark of the ‘best first class seat’ on the market.

This is of course on top of the onboard showers and minibar that originally propelled them to the top of the list.

Don’t Miss:
– Chauffeur service to and from the airport;
– A shower in the sky;


Air France

In One Line:
Sophistication and elegance at their finest has landed Air France a space on this list

La Première is probably one of the best showcases of design by Priestmangoode and is defiantly a very well known contender and is on many lists for the best first class seat on the market – the seats are exceptional. The name is synonymous with elegance and it’s clearly shown as the cabin is all about luxury redefined. Right from the starting point of your journey you are chauffeured to the airport and escorted to the gate, you are treated to a level of care throughout the entire process.

This extends onto the aircraft where memory-foam mattresses and Denon over-the-ear headphones await.

Don’t Miss:
– Chauffeur service to and from the airport;
– A glass of fine Champagne at the La Premiere lounge in Paris Charles de Gaulle;


Cathay Pacific

In One Line:
Arguably, it’s Cathay’s care and attention to its patrons that has propelled it to this list.

Cathay Pacific’s first-class suite lacks many of the bolted-down features you’d expect on a list of the world’s top cabins. In fact, Cathay has never been known to be at the forefront of innovation, rather it has spent years fine-tuning its service to perfection.

Throughout the journey, you are never let down. Booking into Cathay Pacific first-class means you’re treated to one of the best lounge experiences in the world. When you board, you are greeted with a level of care and attention that rival many other airlines on this list.

Don’t Miss:
– The Cabana at Hong Kong International;
– Cathay’s signature drinks including Betsy Beer & Cathay Delight;



In One Line:
Etihad’s Apartment is one of those products which, following its bigger causing Emirates, is elegant, refined and over the top.

The Apartment is the little brother to the Residence, which is arguably one of only 2 seats on the market that stands a chance to surpass Emirates in terms of quality and being so over the top.

That said, the Apartment comes with many of the features of the Residence; at a fraction of the cost.

Etihad has always been known to provide stellar onboard service with its small fleet of A380’s. With enough space to walk around and an onboard shower to freshen up, the Apartment is one of those products which sits comfortably on this list. Make use of the

Don’t Miss:
– Etihad Chauffeur service
– A shower onboard
– Upgrade to the VIP room at Abu Dhabi for a private lounge area


Singapore Airlines

In One Line:
Singapore Airlines’ crazy first class offering is arguably the new ‘best first class seat’ on the market.

Singapore Airlines has doubled down in recent years to create what’s widely regarded as the single best commercial flying experience out there, even rivalling the previous title holder Emirates.

The whole space is 50 square feet, featuring an arm chair and 32 inch HD TV. Needless to say the ground experience isn’t as refined as Air France’s La Première, you do get access to The Private Room at Changi Airport and the host of other things the airport provides,

Don’t forget, If you are travelling as a couple, you have the option to convert your adjacent cabins into a double bed.

Don’t Miss:
– The food



In One Line:
SWISS is what many would call the ‘premium’ arm of the Lufthansa Group and the experience truly delivers.

the reason why SWISS has made it to the ‘best first class seats’ on the market is because SWISS delivers an unparalleled experience of exceptional service and quality… in a very Swiss way. From menus designed by the top-end hotels to lounges which you can spend hours in, SWISS has created a cult-like following just from the service it provides.

Interestingly, SWISS first class is one of the only services that you cant actually book with miles from your home program unless you possess top-tier Senator or HON Circle elite status, which speaks volumes of its quality.

Don’t miss:
– Experiences at Terminal E include Fondue at the lounge; plane spotting from a ‘hotel room’; or a trip to the private whiskey bar.
–  transported from terminal to terminal in a Mercedes-Benz


Oman Air

In One Line:
Oman Air is one of the often forgotten Middle Eastern carriers which offers a surprisingly compelling first class product on their 787-900 Dreamliner’s.

Oman Air’s Privat Suite is a chic and ultramodern seat in Oman Air’s brown and beige colours. The suite comes with tall, soft closing doors which on face value is a slightly modified Collins Aerospace Oasis seat.

In an interesting move, Oman air has copied Emirates by installing a minibar into their seats, but this comes at a cost of having shared lockers, which is an interesting choice.

That said, Oman Air has a sophisticated menu and a selection of premium champagne and drinks

Don’t Miss:
– Out on the beluga caviar or the Arabic mezze


British Airways

In One Line:
British Airways isn’t the ‘best’ first-class product out there but it is accessible which means that anyone who wants to experience what first class can offer should have a look at BA.

Put it this way, Air France doesn’t let non-elite frequent flyers book first class using points and Lufthansa only allows most bookers to book within 21 days of departure and that excludes SWISS. BA first isn’t the £10,000 a way Emirates first, nor is it comparable to the Residence by Etihad. British Airways on the other hand allows for both.

The new suite is quiet at only 2 rows on the 787-10’s and at most 4 rows on the A380. It offers all you really need to experience a product without going over the top – which just adds to the price.

That said BA first is a very ‘accessible’ product and why its on the list for the best first class seats on the market.

Don’t Miss:
– Out on the unique beverages BA offers including ‘BA Tailored Gin’ at the Concorde room or ‘Speed Bird 100’ in the air.


Garuda Indonesia

In One Line:
As the national airline of Indonesia, Garuda offers an exceptional first class product should you find yourself on it

Garuda is one of the hardest airlines to get a first class ticket on. Initially, eight of the 10 777-300ER’s had first, now only two of the planes have first class.

All first-class passengers can request chauffeur service, on the day of travel, Garuda will provide you with a Limousine Service from your door to the airport. Once you get to the airport Garuda will even provide a meet and greet, guiding you through the airport until your time of departure.

Don’t Miss:
– Chauffeur service


All Nippon Airways

In One Line:
ANA’s the Suite is a welcomed step up from the Room which can be found in business class.

when you think of the best first class seats on the market you may not think of ANA as up there – well if you aren’t following Star Alliance anyway you won’t be. But ANA sets a very premium price on their product, in fact, they are willing to fly empty to keep the seat perception as a very premium product.

That said, ANA actually has two first class products – the Suite and ANA First Square. The former is a refresh on the latter which can best be described as an office cubicle.

Foodie’s will really get a kick out of the menu which is tailored down to the season, destination, age and allergen-free preferences.

Don’t Miss:
– The Seasonal food

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