The Business Class Pyjama Game: Who’s In, Who’s Out


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When it comes to flying in style, the availability of pyjamas in business class can be a game-changer. But not all airlines are generous enough to offer this luxury. Let’s dive into the details and separate the generous from the stingy.

Airlines Offering Pyjamas in Business Class

Air India

Air India recently made a significant upgrade to their in-flight amenities by partnering with TUMI, a move that has garnered attention in the aviation world. According to reports from One Mile at a Time and The Design Air, this partnership includes new pyjamas in their business class offering. The sleepwear is designed for maximum comfort, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a restful sleep during their journey.

Air Serbia

Air Serbia has been offering pyjamas in their business class since 2016, coinciding with the launch of their New York to Belgrade route, as reported by Amenities Magazine. A recent trip report by Live and Let’s Fly confirms that this amenity is still part of the airline’s in-flight experience. The pyjamas are designed to provide maximum comfort, allowing passengers to relax and sleep with ease during long-haul journeys.

American Airlines

American Airlines has been offering pyjamas in business class since as far back as 2015, according to an article by Executive Traveller. Fast forward to 2023, and a recent trip report confirms that sleepwear is still part of the in-flight experience. However, there’s a catch: these pyjamas are only available on premium long-haul routes – what is counted as premium is not clear and the PJs are not even mentioned on their Flagship Business page.

ANA (All Nippon Airways)

ANA made headlines in 2019 with a revamped business class, including the introduction of pyjamas. According to a 2019 review by Sam Chui and an article by Executive Traveller, sleepwear is designed for comfort, and ideal for long-haul flights. However, these pyjamas are not a standard offering but are available as a rental on specific routes. So, if you’re flying ANA, you’ll enjoy a comprehensive luxury experience, but you might want to check your specific route for pyjama availability.


EVA Air recently revamped its pyjama offerings in August 2023, as highlighted by One Mile at a Time. The new sleepwear is exclusively available in their Royal Laurel Class, according to the airline’s official website. This move is part of EVA Air’s ongoing commitment to elevate the in-flight experience for their premium passengers. The pyjamas are designed for maximum comfort, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a restful sleep during their journey.

Gulf Air

Gulf Air goes the extra mile when it comes to in-flight comfort in their Falcon Gold (business) class. According to recent trip reports from One Step 4Ward and Flight Hacks, passengers are given pyjamas before take-off, ensuring they can settle in for a comfortable journey right from the start. What sets Gulf Air apart is their willingness to offer this amenity even on daytime flights, as noted in a FlyerTalk post.

Hainan Airlines

The situation with Hainan Airlines and their business-class pyjamas is a bit nuanced. While the airline hasn’t made an official statement, recent trip reports do indicate that pyjamas are available. A 2023 trip report suggests that the airline is keen on enhancing its in-flight experience, including the provision of quality sleepwear. Another review by Flight Hacks supports this, although it’s worth noting that the information is somewhat spotty. The offering may vary depending on the route and aircraft.

Oman Air

Oman Air offers what they term a “sleeper suit” in their business class, as stated on their official website. This unique branding aligns with the airline’s commitment to providing a luxurious in-flight experience. Recent trip reports from Turning Left for Less and Upgraded Points confirm that these sleeper suits are still part of the current offerings. Designed for maximum comfort, the suits ensure that passengers can enjoy a restful sleep during their journey.


Qantas makes it clear that they offer pyjamas in business class for international flights, as stated on their official website. This offering is part of the airline’s broader commitment to providing a luxurious and comfortable in-flight experience. The pyjamas are designed for maximum comfort, allowing passengers to relax and sleep with ease during long-haul journeys.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways jumped on the pyjama bandwagon in 2017, partnering with The White Company to offer sleepwear in their business class, as reported by Business Traveller. The airline even highlights this offering on its official website, making it a key part of its marketing strategy for business-class amenities. However, not everyone is impressed. Some travellers have expressed criticism online, particularly on FlyerTalk, citing the inclusion of polyester in the fabric as a downside.

Starlux Airlines

Starlux Airlines is making waves in the business class sector by offering pyjamas that have been highly praised for their comfort. According to a recent trip report by One Mile at a Time, the airline’s pyjamas are “among the most comfortable I’ve received on any airline.” This sentiment is echoed in another review by The Points Guy, confirming that sleepwear is part of Starlux’s in-flight experience.

United Airlines

United Airlines updated its pyjama offering in 2019, as reported by The Points Guy. According to the airline’s official website, passengers on select flights can “slip into a set of 100% cotton pyjamas, which are yours to keep.” This offering is part of United’s broader strategy to provide a comfortable and luxurious in-flight experience. The pyjamas are designed for maximum comfort, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a restful sleep during their journey.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic offers a more flexible approach to in-flight comfort. According to their official website, pyjamas are available “should you wish,” giving passengers the option rather than making it a standard amenity. This aligns with the airline’s 2019 revamp, as reported by Turning Left for Less, where they introduced new onboard amenities including pyjamas. The offering is part of Virgin Atlantic’s broader strategy to provide a tailored experience, allowing passengers to choose the amenities that matter most to them

Airlines Offering Partial Loungewear in Business

Japan Airlines (JAL)

Japan Airlines takes a different approach when it comes to in-flight comfort. Instead of traditional pyjamas, they offer a cardigan lending service on select routes. According to their official website, these cardigans are designed in collaboration with “nendo,” a Japan-born brand, and are available on routes between Japan and Europe, America, Canada, and Australia.

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In a recent update specific to its new A350 service, Japan Airlines cleared the air around its unique in-flight comfort offering. Initially, a press release led many to believe that the cardigans would be rented to business-class passengers. However, JAL clarified that this was a translation error. In reality, these cardigans are loaned free of charge. JAL’s cardigans must be returned at the end of the flight, where they are then washed and lent out again, aligning with the airline’s sustainability goals.


Lufthansa opts for a unique approach to in-flight comfort with their “Dream Collection.” While a full set of pyjamas isn’t on the menu, the airline does offer a nightshirt on select evening flights. This nightshirt is crafted from soft, breathable fabric, ensuring passengers can enjoy a comfortable sleep during their journey.

Airlines with Discontinued Business Class Pyjama Service

Air China

Air China’s stance on offering pyjamas in business class has seen a shift over the years. Initially, the airline did provide sleepwear as part of their in-flight amenities, as noted in a 2014 article by The Design Air. However, more recent trip reports, such as a 2018 review by Head for Points, indicate that this service has been discontinued. The airline now seems to prioritize other amenities like fully flat beds and gourmet dining.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, known for its opulent first-class suites, decided to discontinue its business-class pyjama service in 2017. According to Executive Traveller, the airline still offers a luxurious experience in business class, including fully flat beds and dine-on-demand service, but the absence of pyjamas is a notable omission, now only reserved for first class.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines presents an interesting case when it comes to the provision of pyjamas in business class. Back in 2015, the airline made headlines by announcing that they would introduce sleepwear into their Delta One business class service. That is according to a 2015 article from the LA Times, the airline had grand plans for offering sleepwear but ultimately decided against it. This sentiment is echoed in another report from Eye of the Flyer

However, this plan never came to fruition.

Final Thoughts

The pyjama game in business class varies widely among airlines. While some go all out to ensure you have a comfortable sleep, others have either never offered this luxury or have discontinued it. So, the next time you’re booking a business class ticket, you might want to consider the pyjama factor. After all, it’s the little things that make a big difference.

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