Virgin Atlantic To Charge Silver Members For Seat Selection


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Virgin Atlantic, has recently stirred the travel community with its latest announcement on seat selection charges for silver members.

A Shift in the Winds

From 19th September 2023, Virgin Atlantic is set to roll out charges for seat assignments in their Economy Cabin. This move has raised eyebrows, especially in light of the airline’s seat fee adjustment back in 2022.

The Lowdown for Flying Club Members:

  • Silver Members: These loyal flyers once enjoyed the privilege of free seat assignments when booking in Economy Classic or Delight. Now, this luxury is restricted to a window of seven days before departure. However, the option to pay for seat assignments from the time of booking remains open.
  • Gold Members: The golden perks remain untouched. Gold members can continue to select their seats without any charges.
  • Base Level Members & Non-Members: Those without a Flying Club status or those not enrolled in the club will face charges for seat selection throughout.

The Specifics

  • Economy Light: Silver members will now be limited to selecting a seat for free only from seven days prior to departure.
  • Economy Classic: While certain seats were previously available for free selection at booking, all seats will now come with a fee.
  • Economy Delight: The ‘preferred’ seating area, which was previously available for free selection, will now come with a charge.

However, it’s worth noting that all passengers can still opt for a seat for free during the check-in window, which opens 24 hours before departure. The new policy primarily affects advance seat selection.

The Silver Lining

Despite the policy shift, Silver members of the Virgin Flying Club can still bask in other benefits. These include a 30% bonus on Virgin Points on Virgin Atlantic flights, the luxury of checking in at Premium desks, and the allowance of an additional piece of checked luggage at no extra cost.

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