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Singapore Airlines has launched what it calls its Milestone Rewards Programme that sees members earning bonuses as they earn more and more Elite Miles where “every flight gets you closer to a reward”; well according to the airlines marketing at least.

The move is pretty significant as Singapore Airlines was traditionally shielded by the airline’s group and held as a premium, long haul, widebody only brand, but as the pandemic took hold a lot of the airline’s internal structure changed.

For example, it took over several short-haul 737-Max 8 planes which were destined for SilkAir, moreover, it made a few “enhancements” to its loyalty programme which opened more loyalty benefits across the group.

In fact, the Milestone Rewards Programme is nothing new per se as it used to be called the Krisflyer Elite Gold Rewards that was launched in 2018. What’s interesting is that the airline has tightened its integration with Scoot Air, the groups low-cost subsidiary, and opened up the possibility to earn miles with them.

When I look at the concept, the only thing that comes close to my mind is the mid-tier elite benefits given to Cathay Pacific members given out each year but that resembles the airlines Elite Gold Rewards more than the revitalised Milestone Rewards Programme.

Scoot Air and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

What Are The Milestones

At the lower levels the bonuses aren’t particularly exciting, but once you earn 20,000 Elite Miles things start to look a lot more interesting and the bonuses start to have some actual value.

For the purposes of these rewards, Elite Miles are tracked by calendar year (not membership year, as was the case with the former Elite Gold Rewards), with the first period being 1 January-31 December 2021.

  • 1,000 Elite Miles – 1,000 bonus KrisFlyer miles on next scoot flight
  • 2,500 Elite Miles – 20% discount voucher on Scoot
  • 5,000 Elite Miles – 1,500 KrisPay miles (equivalent to SGD 10)
  • 10,000 Elite Miles – $20 KrisShop Promo Code
  • 20,000 Elite Miles – 25% Bonus KrisFlyer Miles on a single flight segment
  • 30,000 Elite Miles – 50% Bonus KrisFlyer Miles on a single flight segment
  • 40,000 Elite Miles – 5,000 KrisFlyer Miles redemption discount
  • 60,000 Elite Miles – Double KrisFlyer Miles on a single flight segment
  • 75,000 Elite Miles – Short-Haul Advance Upgrade
  • 100,000 Elite Miles – Premium Economy Class Advance Upgrade

As you can see, many of the lower-tier benefits centre on travellers living in Singapore, or booking low-cost travel with Scoot. It’s only around the 40,000-mile mark where the rewards become more interesting.

Singapore Airlines cabin crew

Things To Know About the Milestone Rewards Programme

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions carefully, as each reward works in a different way. For example, your upgrade tokens can only be used after booking specific base fares (e.g. not discount Economy Class). But you can share them with your redemption nominees.

Be sure to check out The terms and conditions carefully, as each reward works in a different way.

One big caveat of the Milestone Rewards Programme is that the Elite miles earned to achieve the vouchers only considers your accrual on Singapore Airlines and Scoot flights. Elite miles earned on other Star Alliance airlines and SIA partner airlines continue to count towards your Elite Silver and Elite Gold status qualification, however, they are still not included in the calculation for Milestone Rewards.

The rewards are valid for 12 months from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated – the carrier did make a few exceptions for Covid though.

5,000 Elite miles

What’s more, KrisFlyer members who accrue 5,000 Elite Miles will receive 1,500 KrisPay miles. This is equivalent to S$10 on the Kris+ app and can be redeemed at various dining, retail and wellness outlets in Singapore. Since these KrisPay miles cannot be transferred into your KrisFlyer account, the award is pretty much useless for any KrisFlyer members based outside of Singapore.

Flight Segment Bonus’

Where rewards are based on the flight segment (ie 50% bonus miles), the rewards can only be used for eligible flights operated by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir, and applications must be submitted before flight departure. If you mix KrisFlyer miles and cash to purchase a ticket, the bonus KrisFlyer miles will only be awarded on the amount paid for by cash.

75,000 Elite miles

The short-haul Advance Upgrade awarded at 75,000 Elite miles can only be used for a one-cabin class upgrade for one flight segment flying between Zone 1 and Zone 2 or between Zone 1 and Zone 3 (in either direction) and only if the original booking is in one of the following classes:

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  • Zone 1 – Singapore
  • Zone 2 – Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei
  • Zone 3 – Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos

This is only valid for commercial bookings in the following fare classes:

  • Economy – Y, B, E, M, H, W
  • Premium Economy – S, T, P, L
  • Business – Z, C, J, U

This, unfortunately, excludes the discounted “lite” buckets, which Singapore Airlines introduced back in 2017.

It’s interesting they mention Premium Economy in their calculations as on most flights between Zone 1 and Zone 2/3 the cabin is not offered. This means your Economy Class booking should be upgraded to Business Class, assuming a two-cabin configuration.

100,000 Elite miles

The Premium Economy Advance Upgrade awarded at 100,000 Elite miles can only be used for an upgrade in one flight segment from Economy to Premium Economy Class and only if the original booking is in one of the following Economy Class fares: Y, B, E, M, H, W. Once again, the “lite” fare buckets are excluded.

Full terms and conditions can be found on the KrisFlyer Milestone Rewards webpage.

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