Changing or Cancelling an Alaska Airlines Flight Pass Booking


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If you didn’t know, Seattle-based carrier Alaska Airlines just announced Flight Pass, but the terms aren’t so clear around changing or cancelling your booking and account.

I talk about Flight Pass more in this article about Flight Pass itself. But here I want to talk about how to cancel or change a ticket that has already been booked.

As a new product, modifying one of these tickets isn’t so seamless but there is room for improvement if the program takes off

For one, the tickets can’t be changed online. You’ll need to call the dedicated Flight Pass Desk (888-885-0155) to make a change.

Changing A Flight Pass Booking

Changes to flights with the same routings and with the same classes of service available are allowed.

Credits may be redeemed for flights between that advance purchase date and up to 90 days in the future. The outbound leg of a roundtrip flight must begin within 90 days of booking. The return leg of a roundtrip flight may be booked up to 104 days from booking.

Guest-initiated changes to reservations are permitted if they are made in line with the terms and conditions.

The new flights must be within 90 days of the original booking date/credit redemption date and must also meet the Advanced Purchase requirements of the subscription.

Changes to flights with new routings or to flights with the same routing but with different classes of service available are also permitted. For these changes passengers must pay any difference in fare and any excess ticket value will be returned to the guest as an eWallet credit.

Cancelling A Flight Pass Booking

You could instead cancel your trip and redeposit your credit at any time before departure if you so prefer.

If the date of the cancel request occurs within the validity period of the credit that was redeemed to create the booking, the reservation may be cancelled, and the Flight Pass credit may be redeposited into the subscriber’s account.

Requests for credit redeposit must be made by calling Alaska Airlines. The redeposited credit will have the same terms and expiration as the original credit.

If the date of the cancel request occurs after the expiration date of the credit that was redeemed to create the booking, the reservation may be cancelled but the Flight Pass credit will not be redeposited into the subscriber’s account.

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The ticket value of the cancelled reservation will be returned to the guest as an eWallet credit.

EWallet credits are separate from the Flight Pass program and cannot be used to book future Flight Pass reservations or pay monthly Flight Pass fees.

Cancelling A Flight Pass Subscription

Bad news, unfortunately the subscription cannot be cancelled by yourself during the mandatory period of 12 months.

Following the mandatory 12-month period you may choose to cancel the subscription.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to cancel; unless otherwise requested the Flight Pass will continue to renew each year.

Cancellations at the end of each subscription term may be requested via the Flight Pass website or by
calling Alaska Airlines (888-885-0155).

In cases where you initiate a chargeback with a bank/banking institution regarding the Flight Pass subscription, you will not be able to use Flight Pass or any booked flights until it is cleared up and you have paid any outstanding balances.

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