Need for 3 Avios Accounts – Part 3


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In this three-part series I discuss the collection Avios on a macro level as I feel this has not been widely explained to well unless you are in the know. In any event there are enough articles out there explaining how to collect Avios from shops or the obligatory “fastest way to get Avios” articles – however I want to focus on the rational of why you need three Avios accounts to best manage your collection. I discuss the need to have a BAEC account, an Air Lingus Account and an Iberia account. The chart below sums this up nicely.

In this third article I focus on the Iberia account.

Why do you need an Iberia Account

Consolidating points

Well the main reason to get one is if you fly Vueling or Level which can only be accredited to Iberia. Therefore, putting status aside, you can gain a few more Avios for your main account in such a way.

If you wanted to buy Avios.

Additionally, Iberia do run some interesting offers – last year they ran a promo for 9,000 Avios a paid ticket – and often they run an Avios buying scheme with Groupon ES.

In Summary

there is not a whole lot of reasons why you would want an Iberia card if (like me) your main account is BA however it does provide some additional Avios if you did fly the smaller airlines more frequently.

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