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In the Spanish market, Iberia Airlines has introduced a new feature called “Payment in Instalments”. This service provides an alternative way for passengers to finance their flights, offering flexibility in managing travel expenses by allowing them to pay in up to 12 instalments. However, this service is currently only available in Spain.

Notably, the ‘Payment in Instalments’ plan should not be confused with Iberia’s ‘Hold’ option available to all customers, which lets you secure a flight price for 72 hours without committing to purchase.

If you are interested other airlines do offer something similar.

How the “Payment in Instalments” Feature Works

The “Payment in Instalments” feature by Iberia presents a straightforward and efficient process. On selecting your ticket and entering the booking details, you’ll see “Payment in Instalments” as an option. Choosing this will redirect you to Iberia Cards, where you can choose the instalment plan that suits your budget. Options include splitting the cost into 3, 6, 9, or 12 monthly instalments.

Upon confirming the first instalment with your card, you’ll automatically return to Iberia’s website to finalize your booking. The remaining instalments will be charged to your card automatically according to the plan chosen, with no further actions required.

Terms and Conditions

The terms for using this feature include:

  • It’s valid only for purchases made via Iberia.com Spain.
  • It’s available to customers with DNI or NIE (Spanish identification documents).
  • It’s applicable only to return flights.
  • It requires a minimum purchase value of €45.
  • Payments must be made with VISA or Mastercard issued in Spain.
  • The applicant for the financing must be one of the passengers in the booking.

The “Payment in Instalments” service can be used for the purchase of plane tickets and Iberia ancillary services like seat selection, baggage, and priority boarding. However, it doesn’t cover purchases such as travel insurance, hotel bookings, car hire, donations, travel packages, or any other third-party services.


You might not see “Payment in Instalments” as a payment option during booking if you’re using an Iberia website hosted outside of Spain, the value of your purchase is less than €45, you’re buying a one-way ticket, or you don’t meet any of the other financing conditions.

You cannot finance the purchase of travel insurance, hotel bookings, car hire, donations, travel packages (Flight + Hotel or Flight + Car) or any other ancillary provided by a company other than Iberia.

In conclusion, Iberia’s ‘Payment in Instalments’ feature offers a practical financial solution, enabling passengers to spread the cost of flights valued up to €10,000 over a year. Remember, it’s crucial to read and understand the terms and conditions before using this feature to ensure it meets your specific needs.

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