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Dates – 14 Feb 2019 to 17 Feb 2019

With Valentines day coming up I thought it would be good to look at the flights that were still possible to book for under a £100 per person. The below is not an exhaustive list but it does give a flavour as to what is still out there in terms of cost. Surprisingly there is still quite a bit.

In the UK

  • £28 – London to Cork with Ryanair
  • £29 – London to Belfast with Ryanair
  • £38/47 – London to Edinburgh with Ryanair or Easy Jet
  • £38 – London to Dublin with Ryanair
  • £63 – London to Inverness with Easyjet

Mainland Europe

  • £62 – London to Jersey with Easyjet
  • £67 – London to Oslo with Norwegian
  • £73/84 – London to Kiev with Ryanair or Ukraine International
  • £77/89 – London to Jersey with Ryanair or Iberia
  • £80 – London to Milan with Ryanair
  • £80 – London to Malaga with Norwegian
  • £88/92 – London to Paris with Vueling or Easyjet
  • £88 – London to Warsaw with Ryanair
  • £89 – London to Tirana with British Airways
  • £90 – London to Naples with Ryanair
  • £91 – London to Vilnus with Ryanair
  • £92 – London to Stockholm with Ryanair
  • £95 – London to Vienna with Ryanair
  • £97 – London to Gdansk with Wizzair
  • £99 – London to Hamburg with Ryanair
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