Cathay Pacific Rules On Ticket Name Changes & Corrections


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Like many other airlines, Cathay Pacific also has a clear-cut viewpoint about name corrections on a ticket. There’re times when passengers enter their names incorrectly in the reservation form. Though it is a tiny mistake, it may get you in great trouble eventually.

Ticket name changes and corrections on Cathay Pacific is somewhat easy to change – so long as you meet the set-out criteria.

To be clear, this is not a provision that enables you to change the flight name to that of your neighbour. It is a correction policy, such that if your name is slightly incorrect, it can be corrected. As opposed to a wholesale “name change”.

In many cases, it can be done quite easily with a phone call to customer service and providing the required proof. For the most part, if a ticket needs to be altered due to a typo or because your legal name has changed (after getting married, for example), then you should be able to get it done.

However, a word of caution as not all airlines are the same when it comes to a name change. Take for example the Student who changed his name by deed poll to avoid the extortionate admin fees on Ryanair.

Type of Amendments

Importantly, a ticket “name change’ and ‘correction’ has 2 different meanings and are not interchangeable.

A name correction allows the airline to correct the name to match a government-issued document(s) for miss-spelling, married/maiden/divorce names, legal names, secondary last name, inverted names, etc., and if the gender or age does not match between a legal document and the ticket issued.

A name change is a complete or partial change of name (such as to a new person or a relative with the same surname).

Cathay Pacific is clear that tickets may be reissued due to Name correction if names are misspelt only. Reissuance is not allowed if it will be reissued to a different person.

Cathay Pacific Ticket Name Changes

First and foremost, Name Changes from one person to another are not allowed as you would be effectively touting a ticket at a lower price than what it would potentially go for at a later date.

Cathay is clear that it does not allow the transfer of a ticket to someone else, by changing the name on your ticket to another person.

Your Safety Net: 24-Hour Free Cancellation

Navigating name corrections on your Cathay ticket? Don’t fret. While there are options for typo fixes, you have an additional safety net: Cathay’s 24-hour free cancellation policy. Just remember, this perk is exclusively for Cathay members who have added their membership number at the time of booking. So, if you’ve made an error in your name—or any other detail—you can breathe easy. Cancel and rebook within 24 hours at no extra cost. But again, that membership number needs to be in there from the get-go. For a full rundown, have a look at our comprehensive guide to Cathay Pacific’s 24-hour free cancellation policy. Trust us, it’s a safety net worth knowing about.

Cathay Pacific Ticket Name Correction

Cathay allows for name changes and allows for changes to be done quite simply over the phone.

You can correct the name on your ticket (subject to fees) if your name is misspelt on the ticket.

name corrections that are chargeable by the airline include:

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  • Middle name addition or deletion
  • Surname and First name swapped
  • Title / Gender correction
  • Same person with name wrongly input due to typo more than 3 letters.
  • Surname changed after marriage (document proof required).

The wording suggests though that typo’s of under 3 letters is potentially free

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