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FlySmiles Gold is one of four elite tiers that make up SriLankan Airlines’ frequent flyer membership program with Gold being the 2nd highest elite status tier that can be achieved – after Classic status.

As SriLankan Airlines is part of the Oneworld Alliance, Gold status is equivalent to Oneworld Sapphire, meaning (at least to a degree) it will offer similar benefits when travelling with other Oneworld member airlines.


About SriLankan & FlySmiLes

Since launching in 1979, and entering the Oneworld Alliance in 2014, SriLankan Airlines aims to exceed expectations by providing their customers with a world-class travel experience in and around the Indian subcontinent.

SriLankan’s first frequent-flyer programme was called Serendib Miles and was abandoned in early 2000 when Emirates became a major shareholder. When the partnership ended SriLankan subsequently launched FlySmiLes, modifying it slightly when it joined Oneworld.

Oneworld & FlySmiLes

As with everyone Oneworld member airline, there are two different types of collectable currencies which members accrue simultaneously. Status Points (SP) and Reward Currency (RC) which can be exchanged for airline benefits and rewards.

How To Collect Elite Miles

When you travel with SriLankan, any Oneworld partner airline, its subsidiaries, or in some specific cases non-Oneworld member airlines you can earn Tier Miles. It is important to highlight that Tier miles are only given on revenue tickets (paid with money) and never with award tickets (purchased with miles).

Every member starts at FlySmiLes Blue which is the airline’s entry-level tier. It is the most basic and is available to everyone as it does not come with any benefits except the ability to earn Status Points and Reward Currencies. Classic, Gold, Platinum status on the other hand are earned and come with a varying degree of benefits.

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Unique to SriLankan is Silver status which is only offered with co-branded credit cards.

As a reminder, Tier Miles can only be earnt by actually flying, not by signing up to credit card deals. There is no other use for Tier Miles other than setting your elite status – they cannot be spent. As you can expect, moving up the ladder within FlySmiLes is completely dependent on the number of Tier Miles accrued within a given year, and like FlySmiLes Miles, expire after a set time – in this case, Tier Miles expire at the end of your membership year.

The general rule is that Tier miles are usually earned based on the distance of the flight and the fare class that you travel in.

SriLankan FlySmiLes program works a little differently than to other Oneworld members. Some differences include:

  • Zone-Based Calculations – SriLankan is a mileage-based program like its counterpart Royal Air Maroc. This contrasts with the zone-based model operated by British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways and the revenue-based model used by American Airlines
  • Fewer Miles On Renewal – Like Royal Jordanian or Royal Air Maroc, members require the fewer qualifying status points to re-qualify in the following year. This is in contrast to Japan Airlines which requires the same number of Miles year-on-year.
  • No Mid-Tier Bonus – Unlike its alliance counterpart Cathay Pacific, SriLankan does not offer mid-tier status target perks to its members.
  • Lifetime Status – Unlike American Airlines, British Airways and Finnair, SriLankan does not offer lifetime status to its members.
  • Only 12 Months – When you reach a higher elite status tier your accrued Tier Miles reset and you begin a new – similar to how Cathay Pacific’s Marco Polo program operates. This is in contrast to programs like British airways where you have your newly reached tier for the remainder of your current membership year plus the membership year you have qualified for.
  • Soft Landing – If you do not reach the required Tier Miles required to re-qualify in the following year you will soft-land into the tier below rather than to the very bottom.

Benefits Of FlySmiLes Gold

There are multiple Benefits to FlySmiLes Gold including:

  • Extra Award MilesWhen travelling on eligible flights on SriLankan you will receive 15% Bonus Award Miles irrespective of class of travel.
  • Priority Check-inGold members have access to Business class check-in desks when flying internationally or domestically on either SriLankan or any other Oneworld member airline irrespective of class of travel.
  • Guaranteed Economy In Economy class, guaranteed bookings must be made in full-fare fare-class Y. Reservations must be made up to 72 hours before departure. This is only valid for flights on SriLankan Airlines.
  • Extra Luggage AllowanceWith Gold status, you are entitled to an extra 15kg on top of your standard allowance when on flights marked and operated by SriLankan or a Oneworld member. Alternatively, when using the piece system (mainly found on SriLankan flights to North and South America) you are entitled to an additional piece weighing no more than 23kg. The Airlines baggage Policy can be found here.

Miles Overdraft

Unique to SriLankan is the ability to have an Award Miles overdraft. Gold members who fall short by no more than 3,000 miles for a seat upgrade can use the overdraft provided you have a future flight booked and ticketed with SriLankan which is set to depart no more than 6 months from date of booking.

Lounge Access

All Business Class passengers flying on any Oneworld flight (SriLankan or not) are able to access their exclusive Serendib lounge. You may invite one guest to join them at the Serendib lounge.

When ticketed in Economy and holding FlySmiLes Gold status, you are only able to enter the Serenediva Lounge. You may invite one guest with you only when you are travelling on an international long-haul sector (defined as being an international flight longer than 5 hours).

Exception: Lounge access will not be applicable for SriLankan Airlines FlySmiLes Platinum and Gold members travelling in Economy class on SriLankan Airlines services out of Maldives, GAN Islands, Trivandrum, Tiruchirappalli , Chennai, Madurai, Bangalore, Cochin, Coimbatore and Hyderabad to Colombo and vice versa on SriLankan Airlines operated flights.

Routes To Earn FlySmiLes Gold Status

1. With Miles

One way to reach FlySmiLes Gold is to fly with SriLankan a Oneworld partner airline, its subsidiaries, or in some specific cases a non-Oneworld member airline and accrue Tier Miles.

To achieve FlySmiLes Gold status with miles you will need 40,000 Tier miles with a minimum of 20,000 Tier Miles earned exclusively on SriLankan

To renew you will need 35,000 Tier Miles with a minimum of 18,000 earned on SriLankan.

2. With Sectors

Alternatively, another way to reach FlySmiLes Gold is to fly a lot. SriLankan offers a route to Gold status for those who travel exceptionally frequently with the airline.

To achieve FlySmiLes Gold status with sectors alone you will need a total of 40 Sectors with 20 sectors on SriLankan exclusively

To renew you will need 35 sectors with at least 18 sectors on SriLankan.

Calculating The Number Of Tier Miles Earned

SriLankan calculates the Tier Miles accrued based on the distance (in miles) from the departure and arrival destination and assigning a percentage multiplier based on the class of travel. However, the class multiplier changes slightly when travelling with Oneworld Alliance members meaning the total Tier Miles earned is dependent on 3 factors: the route, the carrier you have flown with, and the class of travel.

There are some specific exceptions to the rules which are worth considering, for example:

  • SriLankan does not differentiate American Airlines 2 class and 3 class domestic flights opting to have both classes accrue the same rate – a massive negative for first-class fliers earning on SriLankan. Interestingly, it does define Japan Airlines domestic and international offering.
  • When flying on Royal Jordanian or Qatar Airways you earn at a slightly reduced rate compared to other partner carriers in that you are unable to earn 100% miles when flying in full-fare economy for instance.

Members may submit a retroactive claim within 12 months of the date of the booking provided that you have the ticket and boarding pass. However, any transactions made more than three months prior to the your enrollment date in the program are not eligible.

The simplest and best tool for finding out how many Tier Miles you’ll earn on any flight is to use SriLankan Tier Miles Calculator.

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