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Frequent flyers around the world have been increasingly turning to award programs as a way to save money on their travels. Among these programs, the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Waitlist stands out as one of the most unique options open to KrisFlyer Members. This programme allows members to waitlist for their desired flights, ensuring that they will have access to the flight they want at a later date, even if it is currently unavailable. But how does this programme work? And are there any other airlines offering similar programmes?

What Is Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Waitlist?

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Waitlist is a programme that allows travellers to waitlist their desired flight and class of service when the flight has no available award seats. Essentially, it is a queue system that allows members to be notified once the desired flight becomes available. Furthermore, the programme is exclusively for Singapore Airlines flights and offers both Saver and Advantage awards that can be waitlisted, but not Promo awards, and is subject to availability.

Waitlisting is useful for securing seats in Suites, First Class, Business Class and Economy, especially when cash fares are high. However, this feature is only available for Singapore Airlines flights, and not for any partner airlines. Waitlisting is not available on heavily sold-out flights, and you will be contacted only if a seat becomes available.

To join a waitlist, you must be a KrisFlyer member and have sufficient miles to add yourself to the waitlist. No miles are deducted when joining the waitlist, and there is no limit to the number of flights you can waitlist on. However, you should note that waitlists are only open up until three weeks before departure. All unfilled waitlists will be automatically cancelled two weeks before departure, and waitlists typically clear within one month of departure, if at all.

How To Make Use Of Singapore Airlines Award Waitlist?

To make use of the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Waitlist, one must first have sufficient miles to add themselves to the waitlist. It’s important to note that no miles will be deducted when you join the waitlist. Waitlisting is only possible for Singapore Airlines flights and both Saver and Advantage awards can be waitlisted. It is also possible to join waitlists for multiple flights with no limit.

One common misconception is whether it is possible to join a waitlist with insufficient miles. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do so. Miles must be available in the member’s account before they can join a waitlist. Similarly, it is also not possible to clear a waitlist with insufficient miles.

Another question that frequently arises is how many waitlists can one add themselves to. The answer is that there is no limit to the number of flights you can waitlist on. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this does not guarantee that you will clear any of the waitlists.

If you’re unsure about whether you will be able to clear a waitlist, it’s a good idea to book confirmed awards as a backup. This is because there is no guarantee that you will clear a waitlist, and having a confirmed award can provide you with peace of mind.

Strategies And Tips For A Successful Outcome

While waitlisting can be an effective way to secure desired flights, it is important to note that it is not always successful. There are a few strategies and tips that members can employ to maximise their chances of success.

  1. Book Early: The earlier you book, the better your chances are of securing an award ticket on your preferred flight. If you wait until the last minute, you may find that all the award tickets have been taken, leaving you with no choice but to waitlist.
  2. Waitlist Multiple Flights: Don’t just waitlist one flight, waitlist several. This will increase your chances of getting a seat on at least one of your preferred flights. However, be aware that if all of your waitlists clear, you will be responsible for paying the miles and fees for each ticket.
  3. Avoid Peak Travel Times: If possible, try to avoid peak travel times, such as holidays or major events. Flights during these times are in high demand and are more likely to be fully booked, leaving you with no other option but to waitlist.
  4. Book Confirmed Awards as Backup: If you absolutely must travel on a specific date or time, book a confirmed award ticket as a backup. This way, if your waitlist does not clear, you still have a ticket and will not be left stranded.
  5. Use the Waitlist Tool to Upgrade: If you have already booked a flight and want to upgrade to a higher class, you can use the waitlist tool to do so. However, keep in mind that the chances of upgrading are lower than those of securing an award ticket, so be prepared to stick with your original booking if the upgrade doesn’t clear.
  6. Keep Checking: Don’t just add your name to the waitlist and forget about it. Check back frequently to see if your waitlist has cleared or if there are any other options available. Waitlists typically clear within one month of departure, but this is not a guarantee.
  7. Elite Status: Elite status is the only known factor that improves your chances of clearing the waitlist. If you have elite status with Singapore Airlines or one of its partner airlines, you may have a better chance of getting off the waitlist and securing an award ticket.

Views On Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Waitlist

The Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Waitlist has received mixed reviews from users. Some have praised the programme for providing a way to secure a seat on a popular flight, while others have criticized it for being unreliable and frustrating to use.

One common criticism of the programme is that waitlists can take a long time to clear, if at all. This can be frustrating for users who are trying to plan a trip and need to know if they will be able to secure a seat on a particular flight. Some users have reported waiting weeks or even months for a waitlisted award to clear, while others have had no luck at all.

Another criticism is that the programme can be difficult to use, with confusing rules and restrictions. For example, some users have reported being unable to join a waitlist because they didn’t have enough miles in their account, while others have had trouble understanding how the waitlist process works.

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Despite these criticisms, many users still find the programme to be a valuable tool for securing award seats on popular flights. For those who are willing to be patient and persistent, the programme can be an effective way to book award travel when other options are not available.

In general, users should approach the KrisFlyer Award Waitlist with realistic expectations and be prepared to be flexible with their travel plans. While the programme can be a useful tool for securing award travel, it is not a guaranteed way to get a seat on a flight.


In conclusion, the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Waitlist is a valuable tool for frequent flyers who want to use their miles for flights. The programme allows you to waitlist for both Saver and Advantage awards, but only on Singapore Airlines flights. Waitlisting is free and requires no deduction of miles. The waitlist will remain open until three weeks before the departure date, but all unfilled waitlists will be automatically cancelled two weeks before departure.

It is essential to remember that waitlisting does not guarantee a seat, and there are limitations to the programme. It is always a good idea to book confirmed awards as a backup and keep checking for other options.

Overall, the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Award Waitlist is an excellent tool for those looking to use their miles for flights. By understanding the programme’s rules and limitations and implementing the strategies discussed, users can increase their chances of successfully booking flights through the waitlist.

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