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A Customised Stelia Aerospace Symphony Seat


While not to be outdone, Turkish Airlines began rolling out its Aurora Business Class seat, a bespoke customised seat from Stelia Aerospace. When I say bespoke, I mean an identical design to Singapore Airlines Regional seat with a different colour palate.

However, while these are the most customised versions of the seat, they can also be found on Emirates, Etihad, Iberia, and Vietnam Airlines.

The Aurora seats are destined for Turkish Airlines Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 jets, with the first 787 due mid-2019. Turkish Airlines had (prior to Covid-19) 25 each of the Boeing 787-9 and Airbus A350-900 on order.

Unfortunately, as has been reported prior, the carrier has no plans to retrofit its A330, A340 or Boeing 777 jets with the new business class seat, so those keen on planting themselves into this particular product will want to route carefully to ensure they end up in a Dreamliner or A350 going forward.

The Irony is that while Stelia is solely an aircraft seat manufacturer, its wholly-owned by Airbus. While it’s not surprising to be put on the Airbus A350, being also installed on the Boeing 787 must sting for the American manufacturer.

Singapore Airlines Stelia Solstys Seat

Turkish Airlines Stelia Solstys Seat


According to an article by DreamTravel Points, it cites that Turkish airline wanted to revamp its product offering in business class but was extremely tight-lipped about the ordeal only stating they’d be installing new business class seats on its new Airbus A350 and Boeing B787 starting in 2019.

Turkish Airlines were coy about the details and didn’t provide a seat manufacturer or photos until one day two photos appeared in the Hurriyet newspaper commenting on the future seats called “Aurora”. 


Seats Available:


76 Inches


This new seat is definitely a welcome compared to its predecessor. The new 1-2-1 configuration is said to offer full lie-flat seating, full access and full privacy thanks to a sliding pane available to the two middle passengers. The pane makes it easy for strangers to maintain privacy and couples to maintain connectedness.

For passengers familiar with its dated 2-2-2 (and even 2-3-2 on some aircraft) this new business class layout as highly welcomed.


As is normal in staggered configurations, not all seats are created equal. That’s because the footrest for any given seat is to the side of the seat in front.

In the central portion, odd-numbered rows have the two next to one another, which are often preferred by those travelling with someone.

Even number seats, on the other hand, have a wider central column meaning you are closer to the isle.

If you are by the window, these seats follow a similar pattern. Window seats in odd-numbered rows have the seats closer to the aisle and further from the window.

Conversely, even numbers are closer to the window and therefore offering the most privacy.

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