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Qantas is dabbling with more technology as it releases the ‘Q Bag Tag’ which is a permanent bag tag that allows you to check-in your baggage easily when flying within the Qantas domestic network.

Q Bag Tags are available to all Qantas passengers and you don’t need a Qantas frequent flyer account to make use of the tags either.

It’s hoped that the tags will increase the efficiency of passenger and baggage processing, with the tags chipped with RFID’s, which was the basis of the Q Card.

How To Get a Qantas Q Bag Tag?

There is a range of tags, with the colour you are given linked to your frequent flyer status. Although colour aside, each tag works the same way.

The good news is, are that the baggage tags are not linked to any individual frequent flyer account, meaning they can be passed on should you move up to the next status level. If you are in Bronze or without status, you can purchase a tag from the Qantas Reward Store from AU$14.00 or 2,430 Qantas Points

This is in contrast to TAG by British Airways, a similar offering, however, you are required to purchase the, only 1 can be used at a time, and you need a British Airways Executive Club account to make use of the tags.

What’s more, if you hold the midtier status or above, If you lose your bag tag, or it is damaged, Qantas will send you two replacement bag tags each membership year, free of charge.

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