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In this article we focus on JAL partner Rewards and run through the information you need to book a flight with JAL rewards.

The 6 Award Charts

As you can see it gets real complex real quickly and to kick it all off JAL runs multiple reward charts for it members, each with a different application as to how it can be used.


From the start, it is important to read each page carefully as Japan Airlines Mileage Bank is a complex program. Each webpage is full of dozens of lines of small print, often detailing rather important rules and subtly highlighting exceptions. When doing your research, make sure you read everything on each page you are reviewing so you do not get caught out.

Note that the rules can be repeated on multiple pages which can lead to inconsistencies Use the link to review Take this link on the JAL miles page and This on JAL 121 Awards pages.

I will attempt to cite as much information as I can.

JAL Partner Rewards Headline Rules

Before getting started its good to know what the headline rules are so there is a frame of reference

Note the below is not all the rules, just the main ones

  • Some airlines have Restricted Travel Dates and award travel on these dates are not permitted.
  • Reservations will be accepted from 10:00 (Japan time), 360 days prior to the departure date (not including the day of departure). For round-trip itineraries, reservations are accepted from 360 days prior to the departure date of the return flight.
  • With that said – As noted here – awards for partner airlines must be requested after all flights in the itinerary are open for booking.
  • Required mileage levels for award travel are calculated based on total trip distance (TPM), which is the total of the miles travelled for each sector on an itinerary, and the class of service booked.
  • Award tickets are valid for 1 year from the date of commencement of travel. Travel must commence within 1 year of the ticket issue date.
  • Changes before the commencement of travel are permitted only if the itinerary is within 1 year of the date the award ticket is issued. Once travel has commenced, changes are permitted if the itinerary is within 1 year of the date of commencement of travel.
  • As noted here – flights can be booked online except for China Domestic Sectors on China Eastern Airlines and Japan Domestic Sectors on Jetstar Japan.
  • As noted here – where a flight departs from the UK and includes passenger(s) who are under the age of 15 years old you will not be able to book a partner award flight online
  • As noted here – If you do not board the reserved flight, the award ticket will be invalid. In this case, mileage will not be refunded and the award ticket cannot be changed to a different award.

Participating Airlines

JAL Partner Rewards has a wide list of partners to choose from – including some large non-Oneworld member airlines.

American Airlines“AA” designated flights operated by American Airlines (AA), and American Eagle
British Airways“BA” designated flights operated by British Airways (BA), BA Franchises (Sun-Air of Scandinavia A/S (EZ), Comair Pty Ltd. (MN)) and Subsidiaries (BA CityFlyer (CJ))
Cathay Pacific Airways / Cathay Dragon“CX/KA” designated flights operated by Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) and Cathay Dragon (KA)
Finnair“AY” designated flights operated by Finnair(AY), and Nordic Regional Airlines(N7).
Iberia“IB” designated flights operated by Iberia (IB), Iberia Express (I2) and Air Nostrum (YW) * IB air shuttle service between Madrid and Barcelona is not eligible.
Malaysia Airlines“MH” designated flights operated by Malaysia Airlines (MH) * Flights operated by Firefly (FY) are not eligible.
Qantas“QF” designated flights operated by Qantas (QF), or QantasLink (QF) * “QF” designated flights operated by Jetstar (JQ) are not eligible.
Qatar Airways“QR” designated flights operated by Qatar Airways (QR)
Royal Air Maroc“AT” designated flights operated by “Royal Air Maroc (AT)” and “Royal Air Maroc Express”
Royal Jordanian“RJ” designated flights operated by Royal Jordanian (RJ)
S7 Airlines“S7” designated flights operated by S7 Airlines (S7)
SriLankan Airlines“UL” designated flights operated by SriLankan Airlines (UL)
Air France“AF” designated flights operated by Air France (AF)
Alaska Airlines“AS” designated flights operated by Alaska Airlines (AS), Horizon Air (QX), SkyWest Airlines (OO), and Pen Air (KS)(except for AS3124-AS3274 operated by PenAir)
Bangkok Airways“PG” designated flights operated by Bangkok Airways (PG)
China Eastern Airlines“MU” designated flights operated by China Eastern Airlines (MU)
Emirates“EK” designated flights operated by Emirates (EK)
Hawaiian Airlines“HA” designated flights operated by Hawaiian Airlines (HA) * Flights between Hawaii and North America are not eligible.
Korean Air“KE” designated flights operated by Korean Air (KE) * Flights between Japan and Korea are eligible.
LATAM Airlines“LA”/”XL”/”4M” designated flights operated by LATAM Airlines (LA), LATAM Airlines Brazil (JJ), LATAM Airlines Peru (LP), LATAM Express (LU), LATAM Airlines Paraguay (PZ), LATAM Airlines Ecuador (XL), LATAM Airlines Colombia (4C), LATAM Airlines Argentina (4M)
Vistara“UK” designated flights operated by Vistara (UK)

Notes on Participating Airlines

  • Code-share flights are not eligible under general conditions.
  • Jetstar Japan (GK) is excluded, use this link to calculate redemption
  • First Class award is not available on flights operated by Malaysia Airlines (MH), Air France (AF) and Korean Air (KE)

JAL Partner Rewards Chart

As is for 2020 At Least

Total trip distance (mile)Economy
class (1)
class (2)
1 – 1,00012,00017,00024,00036,000
1,001 – 2,00015,00021,00030,00045,000
2,001 – 4,00023,00030,00042,00065,000
4,001 – 6,00037,00046,00060,00090,000
6,001 – 8,00045,00059,00080,000120,000
8,001 – 10,00047,00062,00085,000135,000
10,001 – 12,00050,00070,000100,000145,000
12,001 – 14,00055,00077,000110,000165,000
14,001, – 20,00070,00094,000130,000190,000
20,001 – 25,00090,000112,000145,000220,000
25,001 – 29,000110,000135,000160,000250,000
29,001 – 34,000130,000160,000190,000290,000
34,001 – 50,000150,000180,000210,000330,000
  • Code-shaFirst Class is available with Business Class required miles on following flights:
    American Airlines (AA) flights operated with 2 classes of service (Economy Class and First Class).
    Hawaiian Airlines (HA) inter islands flight.
    Alaska Airlines (AS) flights
  • First Class award is not available on flights operated by Malaysia Airlines (MH), Air France (AF) and Korean Air (KE)


General Taxes

Each award is subject to, and the passenger is responsible for, government-imposed taxes and fees starting from $7.14. In addition, some (but not all) Partner Airlines charge fuel surcharges and other carrier-imposed fees starting from $12.85, with total government-imposed taxes and fees and carrier-imposed fees starting from $19.99 per person, per award.

These taxes and fees vary by each partner airline and itinerary and are based on trip origin and destination. The final amount of government-imposed taxes and fees and carrier-imposed fees will be quoted when a particular itinerary is displayed and applied at the time of award ticket issuance. Amounts quoted above are minimum examples and are subject to change.

Above quotes are as of August 1, 2020.

Ticket Service Fee

At Japan Airlines, Ticket Service Fee will apply in case of new ticket issuance and change of ticket. But this only seems to be the case when making the booking via the phone. However, when booking on Jetstar and China Eastern or when you are departing the UK with a minor you don’t really have a choice.

By the rules, for changes after the ticket purchase, Ticket Service Fee applies whether or not there are differences in amount of fare, tax, charges, or route change.

* In India, Ticket Service Fee does not apply to new ticket issuance, but to changes only.

The ticket Service fee is non-refundable in all instances.

Link to Ticket Service Fee Charge

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JAL Partner Rewards Ticket Construction Rules

  • Itineraries cannot back-track to the departure city in order to continue onwards to a final destination.
  • Itineraries cannot back-track to the country of origin in order to continue onwards to a third country.
  • “One city” can be included three times at maximum for the whole itinerary. Stopovers at “one city” are permitted once in the whole itinerary

  • One surface sector is permitted in the whole itinerary. A surface sector is counted to be “one stopover”. The distance of a surface sector will not be included in total trip distance; however, exceptions exist such as when the distance of the surface sector is greater than the distance from the first flight sector’s departure city to the surface sector’s starting point.
  • For each award, a maximum of 6 flight excluding surface sectors will be permitted in the whole itinerary, except for:
    Korean Air: a maximum of 2 flight sectors will be permitted
    China Eastern Airlines: a maximum of 4 flight sectors will be permitted. China domestic sectors are permitted for a maximum of 2 flight sectors.
    Hawaiian Airlines: a maximum of 4 flight sectors will be permitted. Hawaiian inter-island sectors are permitted for a maximum of 2 flight sectors.
    Royal Air Maroc: a maximum of 4 flight sectors will be permitted.
    Vistara: a maximum of 4 flight sectors will be permitted.
  • For each award, a maximum of 3 stopovers (a stay of more than 24 hours in 1 city or a surface sector) are permitted in the whole itinerary.
  • For China Eastern Airlines, for international travel originating in China, stopovers in China are not permitted.

Flights to North America

  • As noted here – itineraries between two cities in the U.S. (including Hawaii and Guam) must include at least one international flight that is operated by a U.S. carrier.
  • As noted here – Itineraries between two different Canadian cities via a U.S. city (a stay for less than 12 hours) and/or itineraries between two different Mexican cities via a U.S. city (a stay for less than 12 hours) are not permitted.

Who Can Redeem JAL Partner Rewards Flights

Awards can be used by the JMB member, the JMB member’s spouse(including domestic partner), the JMB member’s relatives within the second degree of kinship, and the spouses of the JMB member’s brothers/sisters-in-law.

As noted here – A relative whose last name is different from that of the JMB member may be required to show proof of relationship to the JMB member.

Miles Cannot be Combined

  • When redeeming for awards, JMB miles cannot be combined with miles earned by family members or friends in order to request award flights;
  • miles accrued through other airlines mileage programs cannot be combined;
  • However, JALCARD Family Program members and JAL Family Club members can combine their miles with their family’s miles to request awards.

Redemptions for children

  • As noted here – Children under the age of 15 are no longer able to request/receive reward seats
  • Children and adults require the same number of miles.
  • Infants require a cash ticket

Making A JAL Partner Rewards booking

Award reservations will be accepted from 10:00 (Japan time), 360 days prior to flight departure.

Reservations made on the JAL websiteReservations made by phone
48 hours (departure city time) prior to the departure of the first flight sector24 hours prior to the departure of the first flight sector (departure city time)

You must be logged in to your JMB account to book an award. After logging in, please follow the steps below from the JAL Mileage Bank top page.

  1. Select JMB Partner Airlines Award Tickets in the Popular awards section under Redeem your miles.
  2. On the displayed menu, select JMB Partner Airlines Award Ticket under Book ticket.

At the time of making your reservation, you must have the total amount of mileage required for award redemption in your JMB account. If you do not have enough miles, you will not be able to make a reservation.

Making Changes to your JAL Partner Rewards booking

The deadline for changing reservations for ticketed awards on the JAL website is as follows:

Before the commencement of travel: 48 hours (departure city time) prior to the departure of the first flight sector of the old or new itinerary, whichever is earlier.

After travel has commenced: (1) 48 hours (departure city time) prior to flight departure of the new itinerary, and (2) 24 hours (departure city time) prior to the departure of the next flight.

Useful Links relating to JAL Partner Rewards

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