TAP Air Portugal to auction business class seats up to one hour before flights




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Portuguese carrier TAP Air Portugal is making it easier for those who like to fly in comfort to snag an upgrade to business class.

The airline partnered with the tech company SeatBoost and introduced an app-based auction that lets passengers bid for a seat in the pointy end of the plane. Flyers can submit bids starting 24 hours before departure.

A starting bid for each seat will be calculated by TAP based on the route, flight time and aircraft type. In order to bid, passengers will need both the TAP and SeatBoost apps.

 Available business-class seats will go to the highest bidder, who will be notified through the app and automatically receive a new boarding pass once they pay the agreed-upon fee.The auction remains open up to 60 minutes before departure. The upgrade payment is processed by Seatboost and is not subject to additional fees or taxes.

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