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Japanese budget carrier Peach Aviation – the low-cost subsidiary of All Nippon Airways – has launched the latest edition of its Tabikuji lucky-dip travel lottery to a handful of destinations around Japan. Customers who take part won’t know exactly where they are flying until drawing a destination.

The TikTok account for the @worldeconomicforum has documented the Random Trip trend that is taking off in Japan. Many Japanese railway and airline companies are selling heavily discounted tickets that send people to randomly selected destinations chosen by lottery.

Before long, the excitement of traveling to new, unplanned destinations caused quite a stir on social media, videos tagged #TravelLottery on TikTok reached well over 5.4 million views a couple of months later.

How Did Peach Aviation’s Tabikuji Come To Be?

While JAL may have started the craze with their Dokokani Mile dating back to 2016, and the likes of JR East and JR west replicating similar experiences for Peach, It all started in August 2021 as a simple promotion between a coworking space and an airline. The initial idea was to incentivize travel to new, local towns and cities around Japan.

But according to the press release, the concept uses a capsule-style vending machine that spits out a ‘travel voucher’ once ¥5,000 yen has been put into the machine. the travel voucher contains a code that links to one of 12 random cities in Japan and 6000 peach points (equivalent to ¥6,000 yen) to use against your ticket.

Along with each ticket, you’ll also receive a special “mission” to complete during your travels. If you complete and share your mission on social media, you could earn even more points!

Unsurprisingly the promotion was a huge hit and a year later in 2022, the airline reran the promotion again but with more vending machine locations.

How To Book Peach Tabikuji Ticket?

Booking is pretty simple as you are simple – and no different from booking a regular award ticket

Step 1 – Get An Tabikuji Capsule

To actually begin the process you need to first get the capsule – or more importantly – the code to unlock one of 12 random cities in Japan.

Capsules are available at four well-known lottery ticket offices in Tokyo: Nishi Ginza Chance Center (Ginza, Tokyo), Yaesu Underground Mall Chance Center (Yaesu, Tokyo), Tachikawa Chance Center (Tachikawa, Tokyo), and Tachikawa Lumine Chance Center (Tachikawa, Tokyo).

However there are different methods for getting a capsule – some are simple vending machines that drop out a capsule – while others are more creative in which customers take a numbered stick from a wooden barrel modelled after an omikuji fortune, and receive their fortune from a sales clerk at the lottery ticket office.

Unfortunately, it’s not a free ticket, though the website does mention how you can get a “slightly advantageous” rate to book tickets, simple maths would show this to only be ¥1,000 yen – unless you ironically got lucky with the ¥10,000 yen code. For the average capsule holder, it will cost ¥5,000 yen for the capsule which unlocks ¥6,000 yen worth of peach Points that can be used to purchase airline tickets for your destination.

Step 2 – Load The Code Into The Website

There are 13 possible domestic destinations depending on the departure airport including: Memanbetsu, New Chitose, Kushiro, Kansai, Fukuoka, Oita, Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Amami, Naha, and Ishigaki.

All flights to these destinations must depart from Tokyo Narita, Osaka Kansai, or Nagoya Chubu Airport.

However, it is important to keep in the back of your mind that Peach Points do expire, but there is plenty of time so you can travel according to your own schedule. The rules state that you must purchase the ticket before the voucher expires (as opposed to actually flying by the time the points expire).

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Sadly though, one of the downsides when comparing Tabikuji to JAL Dokokani Mile is that the redemption is not fixed. Since it’s only a voucher towards the cost of a ticket, variable prices can take effect depending on the distance of the route.

But simply enter the code as a voucher on the booking screen, pay any difference, and you’re all set.

Step 3 – A Mission for Adventure

Along with each ticket, you’ll also receive a special “mission” to complete during your travels. If you complete and share your mission on social media, you could earn even more points!

An example mission can involve stuffing both cheeks with takoyaki and smiling with squinted eyes like the statue of Ebisu.


It’s an interesting and novel idea to explore and see the country domestically as all you really get out of it is ¥1,000 yen off the ticket purchase.

I only wish the concept was replicated in more countries as a way to boost tourism domestically.

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