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As part of a new-(ish) improvement to the passenger service experience which coincided with the launch of Lufthansa’s new Business class product – Lufthansa unveiled what it called the “Dream Collection”, a series of comfort elements to improve Business Class travel.

In-fact, 2018 was a year of changes for the airline as it (somewhat negatively) revamped its loyalty program along with it – so two out of three anyone!

What is The Dream Collection – In Short

Launched regionally throughout 2018, Lufthansa Business Class passengers on long-haul flights (lasting more than 10 ½ hours) to and from South Africa, Latin and South America, the West Coast of the USA, and East Asia can now enjoy an enriched and relaxed night’s sleep with the new Lufthansa Dream Collection.

The collection consists of a pillowcase, large blanket, and a mattress topper. Additionally, passengers can make themselves comfortable on night flights with the new sleep shirt from Van Laack.

Is Lufthansa’s Dream Collection any good?

In some ways yes in some ways no.

Lufthansa says it’s a way to enhance its accommodation in the sky with improved quality and standard. In this regard, it has succeeded as it is one of the only airlines in the sky which offers a nightshirt in Business setting itself apart.

Additionally, the nightshirt is clearly the standout piece and while it is not the best in the world, the offering is clearly symbolic if nothing else.

However, while the bedding is full cotton, and the blanket large enough to cover the seat, the shirt is somewhat lacking. The original shirt which was made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton has thankfully been replaced with a higher percentage of cotton and in 2020 features 60% cotton and 40%. This was likely due to the complaints that the shirts caused large amounts of itching. But it’s still not 100% cotton – which is “ideal for air circulation” according to the carrier.

What Are My Thoughts

As you can see from my review, I had a pretty good experience with Lufthansa’s dream collection.

I think though the products are there as a holdover to maintain its star rating while Lufthansa revamps its aging seats. The 2-2-2 configuration is clearly dated compared to its other 5-star competitors.

However, I am surprised Lufthansa still used the wording of “select flights” which doesn’t add clarity to the situation. I wished the airline would come out and say which flights have it and which flights don’t. if you do a quick Google for other articles on this (as you most likely have with information so sparse) no one is clear which flights you will get it on.

Finally, while not really a complaint per se, the bedding, pillow, and the other accouterments take up a vast amount of space for a seat with little storage options.

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