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Korean Air, has a unique offer for its First Class passengers as a small souvenir to remind you of your visit to the Korean Air First Class Lounge. At Seoul Incheon Airport can receive a complimentary personalized gold luggage tag as a token of appreciation and a memento of their luxurious travel experience.

The Skypass Gold Luggage Tag

This distinctive luggage tag is a half-sized business card made of metal, featuring a polished gold hue. The front side proudly displays an Airbus A380 design, showcasing one of the magnificent aircraft in the Korean Air fleet. The back of the tag is personalized with the passenger’s name and Korean Air Skypass number, adding an extra touch of exclusivity. Although previously available in both silver and gold, the luggage tag now exclusively comes in a gold finish, enhancing its premium appeal.

These gold luggage tags, while exuding quality and luxury, are more of a novelty gift rather than a practical accessory. They serve as a special memento of a First Class journey with Korean Airlines, adding a unique touch to the premium travel experience.

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How to Obtain Your Personalized Gold Luggage Tag

Obtaining your personalized gold luggage tag is simple: all you need to do is request it during your visit to the Terminal 2 First Class Lounge at Seoul Incheon. That is, of course, an understatement when you factor in the actual cost of a first-class ticket.

That said, the lounge is open to first-class passengers with same-day departure tickets only. Arriving passengers without confirmed onward tickets will be denied access to the lounge.

According to the Korean Airlines Website – When entering the First Class Lounge, please speak to one of the staff at the reception desk for a metal name tag for your baggage. Note that the printing service is not available once you leave the lounge, so be sure to request the metal name tag when you enter, and it will be provided to you before you leave.

As of January 2023, these unique luggage tags are still being produced and offered to Korean Air’s First Class passengers, according to FlyerTalk.

Airline Souvenirs: A Unique Trend

This trend of offering unique souvenirs to premium passengers is not exclusive to Korean Air. Lufthansa, for example, is known for gifting a special First Class Duck to its passengers, while KLM hands out exquisite Delft Blue miniature houses. These tokens, including Korean Air’s gold luggage tag, add to the overall flight experience, making it not just a journey, but an experience to remember.


The personalized gold luggage tag is a testament to Korean Air’s devotion to providing a unique and luxurious experience to its First Class passengers. It’s a distinctive perk that adds to the exclusivity of travelling in First Class and serves as a lasting keepsake of a memorable journey. Whether it’s hanging on your luggage or safely kept as a collector’s item, it’s a golden reminder of a golden travel experience.

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