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In an innovative move, British Airways has introduced Avios Only flights, closely resembling Qantas’ “points plane” initiative.

A New Approach to Avios Redemption

With the introduction of flights exclusively bookable with Avios, British Airways aims to change the game. Entire planes will be made available for Avios redemptions, with London serving as the launch city. Flights will be available to Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt and Geneva during peak ski season. These flights are an excellent opportunity for Avios collectors to redeem their points for popular destinations during high-demand periods.

How Avios Point Redemptions Normally Work

Traditionally, Avios point redemptions face limitations during peak travel times, with passengers struggling to secure seats to popular destinations. However, British Airways guarantees a certain number of award seats on each flight, with four in business class, two in premium economy, and eight in economy class. On popular routes, this means seats are quickly snapped up, and passengers rely on BA’s goodwill to release further seats.

British Airways Avios Only Flight Pricing

Pricing for British Airways Avios Only flights varies depending on the route and class of service. The table below presents off-peak roundtrip pricing for economy and business class flights from London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh and London Heathrow to Geneva:

RouteEconomy Class (From)Business Class (From)
London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh£1 + 27,500 Avios£1 + 48,500 Avios
London Heathrow to Geneva£1 + 18,500 Avios£1 + 30,000 Avios

The pricing structure allows for flexibility, enabling passengers to spend more cash to lower the number of Avios needed for redemption.

How to Book Avios Redemption Flights

To book an Avios redemption flight, simply login to and select “Book With Avios.” Enter the dates mentioned, and you should see wide-open availability if you move quickly. If you don’t, you’re too late and will have to wait for the next drop of destination opportunities. Booking Avios Only flights is relatively straightforward, making it easy for passengers to redeem their points.

Is It Worth the Hype?

Despite the innovative concept, Avios Only flights have some limitations. For example, the Avios Only service operates in one direction for certain routes, such as the inaugural service from London Gatwick to Sharm El Sheikh. This means passengers will likely have to book a separate ticket with cash in the other direction, making it less cohesive as an Avios Only concept.

While the concept of Avios Only flights is undoubtedly intriguing, the current route selection and limitations, such as one-way flights, might not be enough to generate the anticipated buzz. The value of these flights could be enhanced if British Airways considered offering more challenging-to-book destinations, like Los Angeles or the Maldives. However, there is potential for growth and expansion of the program, which could increase its appeal to loyal customers. For the time being, Avios Only flights offer a unique opportunity for frequent flyers, but their true value will depend on the future development of the program.

Given that British Airways has only recently introduced Avios Only flights, the potential for the program’s growth and expansion is substantial. If the airline continues to invest in this initiative and offers more diverse and challenging-to-book destinations, it could significantly increase the value of Avios Only flights for frequent flyers. Moreover, addressing limitations such as one-way flights and expanding the range of available routes would further enhance the program’s appeal.


The introduction of British Airways’ Avios Only flights offers an exciting opportunity for frequent flyers to redeem their points for travel to popular destinations during high-demand periods. While the current route selection and limitations may not make it as valuable as initially anticipated, the potential for growth and expansion of the program is significant. As British Airways continues to invest in this innovative initiative, the true value of Avios Only flights will become more apparent. For now, loyal customers can look forward to redeeming their points for flights to Sharm El Sheikh and Geneva, with the hope that more challenging-to-book destinations will be added to the program in the future.

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