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Austrian Airlines’ renowned Flying Chefs are making a comeback, delighting passengers with their exquisite in-flight culinary services. As the airline industry bounces back from the COVID-19 pandemic, Austrian Airlines is reviving this unique service to elevate the onboard experience for their long-haul passengers.

The Return of Austrian Airlines’ Flying Chefs

According to a short press release on the Miles and More website, Austrian Airlines has announced the gradual phased return of their Flying Chefs program, which was initially launched in 2011 but put on hold due to the pandemic’s impact on the aviation industry. The program is now resuming, providing travellers with a memorable dining experience at 30,000 feet.

Austrian Airlines’ Partnership with DO&CO

Austrian Airlines partners with DO&CO, a renowned catering company known for its premium culinary services. DO&CO also provides catering services for other prestigious airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates, and recently in 2018 British Airways made the jump. This collaboration guarantees an exceptional in-flight dining experience for Austrian Airlines passengers, as announced in a press release.

What Do Flying Chefs Do?

Austrian Airlines isn’t the only airline to have this concept. In-flight chefs don’t do anything that flight attendants couldn’t do, as meals on planes are mostly reheated and plated. However, the presence of in-flight chefs indicates a few things:

  • The airline is investing in its soft product
  • More effort will be put into the presentation, such as plating and garnishing
  • It serves as marketing, as airlines with in-flight chefs heavily promote this service

How Austrian Flying Chefs Compare to Lufthansa Group Airlines

While other Lufthansa Group airlines, like Swiss and Lufthansa, also offer high-quality in-flight dining services, the choice between them comes down to personal preference. Austrian Airlines’ Flying Chefs program sets itself apart with its personalized touch and interactive experience, as the Flying Chefs prepare and plate dishes right in front of the passengers.

Swiss offers a dine-on-demand service in its Business Class, allowing passengers to order their meals at their convenience, providing a different level of flexibility and personalized service.

Lufthansa, on the other hand, has a constantly changing menu, with new offerings every two months as per their Business Class menu, providing passengers with a diverse selection of meals throughout the year.


Austrian Airlines’ Flying Chefs are back and set to enhance the in-flight dining experience for Business Class passengers. Their personalized approach to service, coupled with the collaboration with DO & CO, ensures a memorable and sophisticated culinary journey for travellers. As part of the Lufthansa Group, Austrian Airlines offers a unique dining experience, catering to passengers who appreciate the interactive and engaging nature of the Flying Chefs program.

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