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What is the BA Golden Ticket?

The British Airways golden ticket was an initiative launched in 2012 to give frequent travellers an easy way to recognise and personally commend individual crew members for exceptional service.

Unfortunately for the average traveller, the Golden Ticket program is only issued to British Airways Executive Club Gold and Gold Guest List members (Gold members get a single card where Gold Guest List status holders get two cards).

There are no obligations to award this Golden Ticket to anyone and there are no expiration dates on the tickets. Passengers can reserve this for a moment when they enjoy a level of service they would like to experience more often.

What do BA employees get from it?

Contrary to some belief, the crew member doesn’t physically get anything from being given a Golden Ticket. Rather, The Cabin Service Manager will hopefully be informed and will congratulate the crew member on their good performance that lead to getting the Golden Ticket.

Then, either the crew member themselves or the Manager will take it in to the office, where it will be entered it on to the crew members personal records. Generally though, when it is entered into the file it gives managers an opportunity to acknowledge good work. They help give an overall impression of the crew member along with other forms of recognition and other forms of performance monitoring metrics such as your personal customer satisfaction scores.

The performance of cabin crew is regularly monitored, and the Golden Ticket is a plus point on that, especially to counteract any negatives!

How to give a Golden Ticket?

there are two methods to giving a golden ticket:

  1. With the paper ticket, hand it to the employee you feel deserves the ticket
  2. while less of an interaction, you can submit the ticket online via the portal once you log in

How else can you say thanks?

If for reasons you do not have a BA Golden Ticket you can still always commend customer service agents through:

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