What is the British Airways 2,000-mile rule?

In Short – The 2,000-mile rule is what differentiates between a British Airways long haul and short haul flight.

What is BA’s Reward Flight Saver?

What is British Airways’ Reward Flight Saver? One of the better uses of Avios – even if you have a small balance – is to redeem flights with Avios on short-haul routes. Prior to its...

BA’s Golden Ticket – What Are They?

What is the BA Golden Ticket? The British Airways golden ticket was an initiative launched in 2012 to give frequent travellers an easy way to recognise and personally commend individual crew members for exceptional service. Unfortunately...

BA CodeShare Partners

British Airways operates multiple code-share streams from the OneWorld alliance, to the IAG group of companies, to other independent airlines. Below is a list of code-share flights that British airways operates OneWorld Alliance...

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