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Unsurprisingly, United hides away their United Premier 1K contact information making it harder to call them unless you have the inns to know about the elusive number. Without this, you’re pretty much left to call the generic number and wait on hold for however long.

While usually, it’s just a matter of flipping over your baggage tag or membership card to find the contact number, if you aren’t feeling as adventurous to do so (or you have simply lost the tag), then here are the numbers for ease.

This isn’t to say you can’t just log in to your United Premier account and double-check.

The United Premier 1K member’s contact telephone number is:

1K 1 Call:

[email protected]

  • The General United Premier member’s telephone number is 001-800-421-4655
  • The United Premier Silver member’s telephone number is 001-800-325-0041
  • The United Premier Gold member’s telephone number is 001-800-325-0046 // Hearing Impaired 001-800-323-0170
  • The United Premier Platinum member’s telephone number is 001-800-325-0046

Additionally, some other useful numbers include

  • The United PerksPlus telephone number is 001-866-230-3296
  • The United Club Number is  001-866-822-5827 and outside US 001-605-399-2401

United Contact Directory

If you are looking for a specific number you can visit United’s Contact Directory to see the country-specific contact numbers

U.S. and CanadaEurope
AfricaSouth Asia
Australia and New ZealandMicronesia and the Mid-Pacific
CaribbeanMiddle East
Central America and South AmericaSouth Pacific
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