SkyTeam Unveils Carry-on Calculator for Multi-Carrier Travel


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SkyTeam, the alliance that counts giants like Delta, Air France-KLM, and the newly minted Virgin Atlantic among its members, is taking a novel approach to iron out your luggage kinks. Meet the Carry-on Calculator, the latest tool in SkyTeam’s repertoire, here to give you the upper hand—or should we say, the upper bag—in your multi-airline journeys.

Navigating Baggage Allowances Like a Pro

Until now, even the savviest travellers could get tripped up by varying hand baggage allowances when flying with different member airlines. The SkyTeam Carry-on Calculator does the heavy lifting for you. Just hop onto SkyTeam’s website, punch in your travel class and the airlines you’ll be flying with. In seconds, the calculator serves up a curated list of baggage rules, tailored to your journey’s most stringent weight and dimension allowances.

Why It’s a Game Changer

Think of it as a consolidation of SkyTeam’s commitment to a seamless, customer-first travel experience. This tool eliminates the guesswork, ensuring you’re never caught off-guard when switching carriers. Plus, it’s a boon for SkyTeam’s ever-expanding roster—Virgin Atlantic is just the latest in a long list of airlines that have added their unique luggage specs into the mix. Find all you need on SkyTeam’s hand luggage policy page.

The Takeaway

The SkyTeam Carry-on Calculator isn’t just a new feature; it’s an insurance policy against travel hiccups. So, the next time you’re plotting that globe-spanning adventure involving multiple SkyTeam carriers, don’t wing it. Let this tool be your guide for a hassle-free jaunt from check-in to landing.

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