KLM Launches Amsterdam Flight And Rail Combined Tickets


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Back in January 2022, KLM launched a new travel initiative enabling customers to book a combined flight and rail ticket for Amsterdam.

Having looked at train travel recently, I thought it was worth adding this to the knowledge bank, however, I’m a bit late to the news but better late than never.

As of the beginning of the year, KLM passengers booking air tickets will simultaneously be able to book a train ticket from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central Station with NS Dutch Railways. Previously, KLM passengers had the option of combining their air ticket with car rental or taxi service via the booking platform CarTrawler.’

The upshot will be that you can book your entire journey in one place, and skip the tedious queuing to buy tickets, or trying to work out how to use a ticket vending machine.

The Dutch carrier said the initiative “is mainly intended for foreign visitors flying KLM to Schiphol and staying at accommodation in Amsterdam”, and means that customers “can now plan and book their entire journey in one place and won’t have to wait in line to buy a train ticket”.

The program isn’t anything new, in fact, Aer Lingus has been providing Heathrow Express ‘add-ons’ for years for passengers when booking between Dublin Airport and Heathrow Airport.

However, it seems finding how to book the train ticket is a little trickier, and it seems, it is only visible once you have booked a ticket.

The good thing though is that Customers will be emailed their rail tickets separately by NS Dutch Railways once the booking is completed.

NS Dutch Railways and KLM want to ensure that rail and air services coincide more closely. In the coming months, further domestic rail services to and from Schiphol from various NS destinations will be made available to KLM passengers via the CarTrawler booking platform.

However, if you are thinking of going a little bit further out, perhaps looking at combining your flight with a train ticket with Accesrail would be a viable option.

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