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The world of frequent flying brings many perks, and one of the most sought-after benefits is the ability to upgrade your flights. American Airlines and British Airways have teamed up to enhance the travel experience for their loyal customers by offering reciprocal upgrade benefits. This article delves into the world of American Airlines System Wide Upgrades on British Airways, exploring how to earn and maximize these valuable perks.

What are System Wide Upgrades?

System-Wide Upgrades are upgrade instruments provided by airlines, allowing passengers to elevate their travel experience by moving up a cabin class. These upgrades can be used across the airline’s network, making them incredibly versatile for frequent flyers. The partnership between American Airlines and British Airways now offers reciprocal upgrade opportunities, providing passengers with more flexibility and options when flying with either carrier.

Earning System Wide Upgrades

To earn System Wide Upgrades, you need to achieve elite status with American Airlines. Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, and ConciergeKey members are eligible for these perks. Earning status requires reaching specific mileage and Loyalty Points thresholds, with additional upgrades available for surpassing higher levels.

  • Executive Platinum members earn 4 System Wide Upgrades upon qualifying or re-qualifying for status, and additional upgrades can be earned at 150,000, 200,000, and 250,000 miles flown in a calendar year.
  • Platinum Pro members can choose 1 System Wide Upgrade annually as a choice reward.
  • ConciergeKey members earn 6 System Wide Upgrades upon qualifying or re-qualifying for status, with additional opportunities for earning more upgrades at the same mileage thresholds as Executive Platinum members.

Using American Airlines System-Wide Upgrades on British Airways

To use American Airlines System Wide Upgrades on British Airways flights, certain requirements must be met:

  • Your ticket must be issued by American Airlines.
  • Your ticket must include travel on both American and British Airways, with at least one AA-operated segment.
  • Only transatlantic and intra-European travel on British Airways is eligible for upgrades.
  • Upgrades can only be applied to paid fares, not award tickets.
  • Waitlisting for upgrades is not allowed; award space must be available at the time of the upgrade request (“Z” for first class, “U” for business, “P” for premium economy).
  • Upgrades are valid for one class of service only (economy to premium economy, premium economy to business, or business to first; economy to the business if there is no premium economy).

For example, if you book an AA ticket to Europe in economy class with a transatlantic segment on AA metal and an intra-European segment on BA metal, you can upgrade the entire itinerary to business class, provided there is confirmable space available.

Comparing Upgrade Options and Reciprocity

British Airways also offers a reciprocal upgrade route with their equivalent benefit called Gold Upgrade Vouchers, which can be used on American Airlines flights. It’s essential to understand the differences and similarities between these upgrade methods to maximize their value.

If System Wide Upgrades are not available or suitable for your travel needs, consider upgrading BA flights using AA miles as an alternative. This option can provide additional flexibility when seeking to enhance your travel experience.

Tips for Maximizing System-Wide Upgrades

To make the most of your System Wide Upgrades, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use ExpertFlyer to check upgrade availability.
  • Consider booking strategies that maximize upgrade chances, such as travelling during off-peak seasons or choosing less popular routes.
  • Be aware of fare rules and restrictions that might impact your upgrade eligibility.


While the new upgrade agreement between American Airlines and British Airways is a significant improvement, it is not without its limitations. The inability to waitlist for upgrades and the requirement for at least one AA-operated segment can create challenges for passengers. Furthermore, Alaska Mileage Plan 75K and 100K elites cannot use their upgrade instruments on BA, and award tickets are not eligible for upgrades on BA.

Despite these limitations, the reciprocal upgrade benefits provide added value to both American Airlines and British Airways elite passengers, as long as they can find available upgrade space.


The world of frequent flying offers numerous perks, and the partnership between American Airlines and British Airways brings even more opportunities for passengers to upgrade their travel experiences. By understanding the rules, requirements, and strategies involved in using System Wide Upgrades on British Airways, elite American Airlines passengers can maximize the value of these coveted benefits. With some planning and flexibility, the enhanced travel experience of upgraded flights is within reach for loyal customers of both airlines.

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