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Unsurprisingly, Delta hides away their Delta Platinum Medallion contact information making it harder to get at unless you have the inns to know about the elusive number.

While usually, it’s just a matter of flipping over your baggage tag to find the contact number, if you aren’t feeling as adventurous to do so (or you have simply lost the tag), then here are the numbers below for ease.

This isn’t to say you can’t just log in to your Delta Medallion account and double-check.

The Delta Platinum Medallion member’s contact telephone number:

001-800-325-1551 (US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands)

The service is operational 24/days, 7 days/a week

For other Delta Medallion membership tiers:

  • The General Delta Medallion program telephone number is 001-800-323-2323
  • The Delta Silver Medallion member’s telephone number is 001-800-325-6330
  • The Delta Gold Medallion member’s telephone number 001-800-325-1551
  • The Delta Diamond Medallion member’s telephone number 001-877-220-6888
  • The Delta 360 member’s telephone number 001-877-220-6888

Additionally, some other useful numbers include:

  • The Delta SkyBonus telephone number is 001-877-832-5211

If you need to find any other telephone number – the link to the website is here

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