10 Tools To Streamline Your Award Flight Booking


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If you’ve ever felt the thrill of earning miles and points for your travel exploits, you know that this can be an exciting and rewarding pursuit. However, navigating the landscape of rewards redemption can be somewhat less thrilling – it often involves navigating a maze of details, rules, and restrictions.

Fortunately, with time, practice, and the right tools, finding and booking award flights can become much simpler. Regardless of whether you’re working with transferable points like Chase Ultimate Rewards® or American Express Membership Rewards, or points tied to a specific program like Delta SkyMiles or American AAdvantage miles, there are resources designed to streamline the process.

Keep in mind that these tools vary in focus and functionality – some are geared towards specific regions or demographics, while others are specialized to particular areas within the realm of award booking. Therefore, it’s recommended to explore multiple options before investing in a particular tool.

Of course, understanding award availability dates is a key factor in effectively utilizing these tools and getting the most out of your miles and points. Different airlines release their award seats at different times, so keeping track of these release dates can give you a head start in booking your desired flights. It’s not unusual for award seats, especially for popular routes or premium cabins, to be snatched up quickly once they’re released.

If you’re just starting out in the world of points and miles, booking your first award seat might feel overwhelming. It’s not always as straightforward as booking a normal flight. But don’t worry, with a bit of patience and practice, you’ll become an expert in no time. Check out this beginner’s guide to booking your first award seat (insert link here), which offers practical tips and tricks to help you navigate the process.

1. Straight To The Points

Website: https://straighttothepoints.co/

Straight To The Points has emerged as a reliable guide in the travel rewards space. Apart from the newsletter, the Premium Membership level offers several unique features such as virtual meetups and text alerts. What sets this platform apart is its detailed instructions for booking tickets, allowing members to navigate their way through the often complicated process of award redemption with ease.

2. ExpertFlyer

Website: https://www.expertflyer.com/

ExpertFlyer excels in its focus on data. Instead of offering booking guidance, it aims to provide users with the most comprehensive information about available award seats for specified dates and destinations. This level of granularity can be a huge asset when planning trips around peak travel times or highly desirable routes.

3. Seat Spy

Website: https://www.seatspy.com/
Deep Dive: Seat Spy Tool

Seat Spy simplifies the process of locating open award seats on popular airlines. Its alert feature is a key differentiator – once you set your preferences, the platform will notify you as soon as a suitable award seat becomes available. This can significantly reduce the amount of time spent checking for availability.

4. Award Hacker

Website: https://www.awardhacker.com/

AwardHacker stands out due to its free and easy-to-use interface. Ideal for beginners or budget-conscious travellers, it helps users navigate the complex landscape of award flights. The tool’s ability to narrow searches to specific airline programs or flexible currency programs is a standout feature.

5. Point Me

Website: https://www.point.me/

Point.me sets itself apart by providing comprehensive search services. It doesn’t just find the best available awards; it also compares more than 30 programs and over 100 airlines. This wide-ranging search capability can be a huge time saver and can also uncover options you may not have considered.

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6. Award Nexus

Website: https://awardnexus.com/

Award Nexus offers a powerful multi-day, multi-route search capability, which sets it apart from many other tools. Despite its somewhat complex interface, it provides valuable information that can be well worth the time to learn how to use it effectively.

Award Nexus technically requires a subscription, but you can get in and start searching for free if you have a FlyerTalk.com

7. Award Fares

Website: https://awardfares.com/

Award Fares is noted for its broad search range and highly customizable alerts. Its primary focus is on Star Alliance carriers, making it a valuable tool for travellers loyal to this alliance. The platform’s multitude of filters enables users to tailor their search to meet their exact preferences.

8. Roame

Website: https://roame.travel/

Roame is a free tool, making it accessible to all users. Although it searches a relatively small number of programs, it covers many of the most popular ones. Its user-friendly interface and zero-cost accessibility make it an appealing option for those just starting their award-booking journey.

9. AwardLogic

Website: https://awardlogic.com/

Despite being one of the pricier tools, AwardLogic offers a well-rounded and comprehensive search function. Its user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities make it a worthwhile investment for frequent travelers who regularly book award flights.

10. Seats.Aero

Website: https://seats.aero/

Seats.Aero is a more specialized tool designed for finding last-minute and hard-to-get awards. For those in pursuit of “unicorn” flight awards, Seats.Aero’s niche search capabilities can be a game-changer, helping to unlock rare award opportunities.

By exploring these tools, you can find the one that best suits your needs and style, making the process of booking award flights a breeze. Remember, these tools are designed to assist you, and utilizing a combination of them can yield the best results. Happy travels!

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