What is BA’s Reward Flight Saver?

What is British Airways’ Reward Flight Saver? One of the better uses of Avios – even if you have a small balance – is to redeem flights with Avios on short-haul routes. Prior to its...

Airline Upgrades Explained – Load Factor Based Upgrades

What is a Load Factor Based Upgrade? In simplistic terms, A Load Factor Based Upgrade (LFBU) also known as a Paid Upgrade or Day-of-Departure Upgrade in some circles is when the airline discounts a seat in a...

EXPLAINED: What Is A Cabin Class

To truly understand what type of airline ticket you have purchased, you need to know what a cabin class, fare class and a fare basis are. In this article, we look at what the cabin...

Airline Upgrades Explained – British Airways’ Discretionary Upgrade Tool

As mentioned in a previous article on Operational Upgrades, gone are the days where customer service agents filter you in to one of two categories SFU or NSFU – or in other words Suitable for Upgrade or...

What Is European Business Class

For many who are travelling within Europe from abroad, you may see business class as an expense worth paying for, I mean, when booked in advance onto a European business class flight, the cost...

A Guide to Qatar Airways Transit Accommodation

Qatar Airways runs a transit package for those passengers with a transit connection of over 8 hours including a hotel room and an entry visa into Doha

Upgrading BA flights Using AA Miles

It is surprising to see how integrated American and British Airways are when it comes to redeeming miles.

Quick Overview of American Airlines Basic Economy

Mainly for the benefit of our European readers, or for those who are not aware, Basic economy, also called light or saver economy is the buzzword out of the big three North American airlines...

BA’s Golden Ticket – What Are They?

What is the BA Golden Ticket? The British Airways golden ticket was an initiative launched in 2012 to give frequent travellers an easy way to recognise and personally commend individual crew members for exceptional service. Unfortunately...

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