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What’s American Airlines Irregular Operations Policy?

American Airlines Irregular Operations (also known as Schedule Irregularities or simply shortened to IRROP) is a delay or cancellation to your flight prior to departure. However, these are specifically unforeseen issues which happen to...

Delayed by Irregular Operations, What to do?

Irregular Operations or Schedule Irregularities (or simply shortened to IRROP or IROP depending on the Airline) are delays or cancellations to a flight prior to departure. However, these are specifically unforeseen issues which happen...

Explained – AA’s SystemWide Upgrade

American Airlines’ System Wide Upgrade is one of the most coveted benefits of the AAdvantage Program if you are part of the upper echelon to be able to collect them. It is a fascinating tool, which with minimal restrictions, can be used to place the bearer in the next-highest class of service.

Airline Upgrades Explained – British Airways’ Discretionary Upgrade Tool

As mentioned in a previous article on Operational Upgrades, gone are the days where customer service agents filter you in to one of two categories SFU or NSFU – or in other words Suitable for Upgrade or...

Airline Upgrades Explained – Load Factor Based Upgrades

What is a Load Factor Based Upgrade? In simplistic terms, A Load Factor Based Upgrade (LFBU) also known as a Paid Upgrade or Day-of-Departure Upgrade in some circles is when the airline discounts a seat in a...

Airline Upgrades Explained – Operational Upgrades

American vs European based Carriers When discussing this topic, it is important to understand how complementary upgrade works in the US and Europe (and for the better part the rest of the world). It’s common in the...

What is an Open Jaw Ticket

Open Jaw Tickets 101 An open jaw flight, often referred to as an open jaw ticket, is when a passenger at one end of their trip arrives and departs from a different city or airport.The...

Cathay Pacific Lounge Access Guide

Cathay does lounges well. Its pretty much a fact considering its focus on customer service. In Hong Kong alone the Airline...operates 4 different lounges...The question today relates to what routes are available to gain access into these lounges

What is Agoda VIP & is it worth anything?

What is Agoda VIP? "Agoda VIP is one of Agoda's loyalty programs , which in the grand scheme adds little value when compared to agoda cash or points max" Agoda VIP is the newest way Agoda...

TAP Air Portugal to auction business class seats up to one hour before flights

Portuguese carrier TAP Air Portugal is making it easier for those who like to fly in comfort to snag an upgrade to business class. The airline partnered with the tech company SeatBoost and introduced an app-based auction...

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