SWISS Joins Elite Ranks with Free In-Flight Wi-Fi


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Come August 2, 2023, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will roll out a comprehensive upgrade to its Wi-Fi services, following in the footsteps of industry leaders like Delta and Air Canada. The changes include free, unlimited in-flight messaging for all passengers, regardless of class. This is a substantial move in the realm of in-flight connectivity and puts SWISS in line with its major North American counterparts.

Unrestricted Connectivity

What sets this offering apart is its inclusivity. Similar to Delta and Air Canada, SWISS extends the free Wi-Fi messaging service to all classes of travel, from Economy to First Class. You can use major chat apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger, and share texts and photos without worrying about data caps. It’s a seismic shift from the tiered, pay-as-you-go models of yesteryears.

More Than Messaging

For passengers requiring more robust internet services, SWISS doesn’t disappoint. Two paid options are available:

  • “Wi-Fi 4 Hours” at CHF 25, offering four hours of unlimited data, and
  • “Wi-Fi Premium” at CHF 35, for unlimited access throughout the flight.

It’s an attractive add-on for anyone needing to check emails, social media, or work on the cloud.

A New Benchmark in Value

The pivot to unlimited data is significant, especially when compared to SWISS’s previous pricing model. A 220MB data plan used to cost a staggering CHF 59. Now, CHF 35 gets you limitless access for the entire flight. This is especially noteworthy for business travelers who may have previously spent a small fortune to stay connected.

Balanced Features

As with Delta and Air Canada, SWISS has imposed practical limitations to maintain bandwidth. Video streaming is off-limits, although social media videos are an exception. On the plus side, audio streaming, cloud services, and VPNs are all available, so you’re not exactly starved for options.

The Big Picture

SWISS’s latest upgrade positions the airline alongside industry leaders that have long recognized the importance of in-flight connectivity. The offer of free, unlimited messaging, plus reasonably priced full-access packages, sets a new standard for passenger experience. It’s not just an incremental improvement; it’s a competitive edge. As we’ve seen with Delta and Air Canada, such moves not only satisfy customer needs but also become industry benchmarks. With SWISS now stepping up, it’s evident that the future of in-flight connectivity looks promising.

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