Cathay Pacific’s Business Plus: The Ultimate Guide


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If you thought corporate travel programs were just about collecting points, Cathay Pacific’s Business Plus is about to change your entire playbook. Tailored for rewarding businesses and their jet-setting employees, this program introduces a new paradigm in corporate travel benefits. Let’s dive in.

What Exactly is Business Plus?

Launched in 2018, Business Plus isn’t your garden-variety corporate travel program; it’s an elite membership club for companies. Rather than stockpiling redeemable points, you earn what are effectively ‘status credits’ for your business. Each time you book a Cathay Pacific flight, you rack up Business Plus points. As you ascend from Status 1 to Status 3, a treasure trove of perks unfolds.

No Barriers to Entry: Eligibility and Costs

Open to any company with valid business registration, the entry requirements are straightforward. No initial cost and no hassle—just appoint an authorized travel manager and up to three IATA-approved travel agents to manage your ticketing. Individual frequent flyer benefits aren’t sacrificed; employees keep accumulating their Asia Miles and Status Points.

The Status Game: A Tier-by-Tier Breakdown

  • Status 1: Kicking off at Status 1, you earn 30% of the Asia Miles that your employees collect on their flights. It’s not just a great starter, but a taste of the rewards to come.
  • Status 2: Ascend to Status 2, and your earn rate elevates to 35%. The cherry on top? You can redeem a Cathay Silver membership for one lucky employee.
  • Status 3: Reach the apex with Status 3. The earn rate leaps to 40%, and you get the power to redeem three Silver memberships. A triple treat that’s hard to beat!

Business Status Points & Asia Miles: The Dynamic Duo

  • What Are They: Business Status Points and Asia Miles are the yin and yang of the Business Plus ecosystem. Both are credited to your company based on completed flights with a correctly entered Business Plus account number. The specifics of the points and miles you rack up hinge on a myriad of factors, including sector, fare brand, and class.
  • Status & Rewards: Status Points you accumulate dictate your company’s Status level and its respective rewards. Points reset to zero yearly, so be strategic about maxing out those benefits.
  • Asia Miles: Use Asia Miles for a bouquet of rewards or transfer them to individual traveller accounts. Be mindful: these miles come with an 18-month expiration date. But hey, extend their life by keeping the account active through redemptions or accruals.
  • Earning Guidelines: Your company accrues points and miles for every ‘Eligible Ticket’ flown. The criteria for eligibility include correctly inserted Business Plus account numbers, flights operated by Cathay Pacific or certain codeshare partners, and tickets that aren’t of ‘Excluded Fare’ types—no group or student fares here. Consult Cathay Pacific’s ‘Status Points and Asia Miles calculator’ for detailed info on earning rates.

So, whether you’re strategizing for lounge passes or aiming for the Status pinnacle, understanding Business Status Points and Asia Miles adds a tactical layer to your corporate travel game plan.

The Cornucopia of Perks

Navigating through the wide array of benefits that Cathay Pacific’s Business Plus offers, it’s evident that the program puts the employee front and centre. Let’s iron out some of these perks for better clarity:

  • Lounge Passes: The concept is simple yet extravagant. Lounge passes unlock a haven of pre-flight luxury for your employees. Extendable to travel companions, these passes redefine layovers as decadent timeouts.
  • Silver Membership: Once you hit Status 2, you can swap miles for a Silver membership for a chosen employee. Upping the ante at Status 3, you can dole out three of these bad boys. Each membership signifies more than just a badge—it’s an arsenal of added amenities like priority boarding and higher baggage allowances.
  • Miles Transfers: Your earned miles are easily transferrable to employees’ personal Cathay accounts. There’s a ‘but’—limitations apply. Still, it empowers your staff to opt for lifestyle rewards of their choice.
  • Flight Upgrades: This benefit isn’t a constant; it’s a periodic campaign offering. Although not redeemable with miles, the feature nudges the employee experience into the realm of extraordinary.

On a Final Note

Cathay Pacific’s Business Plus is more than a loyalty program—it’s a full-blown corporate travel strategy. From entry-level benefits to increasingly opulent rewards at higher tiers, it’s a program that not only understands the needs of modern businesses but caters to them with finesse. If your company is looking to navigate the complexities of corporate travel, this program might just be your captain.

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