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Not everyone knows that British Airways has a Best Price Guarantee. Forget about bait-and-switch tactics or labyrinthine terms. British Airways pledges that if you find an identical flight cheaper on a competing website on the same day you book on ba.com, they’ll refund you the difference—in voucher form. Sound good? Here’s what it means for you.

What Is British Airways Best Price Guarantee

British Airways doesn’t just want you as a customer—they want you to get the best deal, period. Under the Best Price Guarantee, if you book a flight via BA’s website and then find the identical flight listed cheaper on another website on the same day, you’re in for a treat. BA promises to refund you the difference.

But that’s not where the perks end. For Executive Club members, BA goes the extra mile by offering double the price difference, up to a cap of £200. If you’re planning multiple trips or are a frequent flyer, this can translate to some significant savings.

Keep in mind that the refund comes in the form of a voucher valid for one year on ba.com. But when you’re scoring such a deal, the one-year usage window hardly seems a constraint.

How to Raise a Claim

If you want to file a claim, BA’s made it a no-brainer but online only. Collect a screenshot that displays the following:

  • Date and time of the screenshot
  • Your complete flight itinerary
  • Fare breakdown for each traveller
  • Fare rules and conditions
  • Website name/logo of the competing fare

Once your screenshot is ready, submit it through BA’s online claims form. British Airways will email you within two business days. Small claims, those under £100, typically get settled immediately, while larger claims could take up to 28 days for additional verification.

What Claims are Rejected?

While British Airways Best Price Guarantee is a fantastic deal, there are circumstances where claims might get rejected. Some of the deal-breakers include:

  • Instant upgrades using Avios
  • Finding a cheaper seat from a codeshare partner with a different flight number
  • Using a discount code for the initial purchase
  • Discovering a cheaper fare listed in a currency other than what you used for the initial booking

Understanding these limitations ensures you can strategically book your flights to avoid pitfalls. If you steer clear of these common traps, your chances of successfully claiming your price difference shoot up.

In Summary

British Airways Best Price Guarantee is more than just a token offering—it’s a tangible benefit that can result in real savings, especially if you’re part of the Executive Club. It’s a tool every savvy traveller should use, one that not only gives you wings but puts some extra change in your pocket.

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